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7 January 2007

The Lion King

 in 1994,Platform — gord

The Lion King The Lion King

The Lion King: Man I love this movie 🙂 n the game is pretty cool too ;D

Well okay anyone who has seen the movie (and I know you have 😛 no hiding) will know what the lion king is all about, you play as simba the lovable lion cub who happens to be heir to the throne (lion, king of the jungle, all that ;)).

This game is a simple plat-former game; you jump from place to place and jump on anything that moves but an added factor to this game is your roar, you have a roar meter that drains when you roar, your roar can be used for scaring other animals (for example scaring a hedgehog type thing so that it turns upside down and you can jump on it :))

This game is very colourful and defiantly one that will remind you of younger days :). The monkey-puzzles will also make you think 😉 the monkeys must be turned around to face the right direction so that when they throw you about, you will land in the right place.

This game also features many action sequences, such as riding an ostrich type thing to timone and pumba bug catching mini-games to a half 3d type chase scene and when you are an adult lion you get to fight other animals (such as hyena’s)..

The lion king is very true to the movie and any fans of the game will enjoy it at lot 🙂

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The Lion King

  • Published by: Virgin Interactive

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Size: 3196kb (11 min on 56k dial-up)

17 Responses to “The Lion King”

  1. a gravatar Pedro Says:

    i remeber being 9 and playing this on a friend’s Megadrive…he hated the game and said he wanted to trade it (he was like,11 then…) but I had a blast playing it.My favorite levels were the Pridelands,the elpehant graveyard,the one with the giraffes and Hakuna Matata.I loved playing with li’l Simba and roaring the bugs into stilness.Hehe.Cool.I recently played it again and its appeal is as good as new.Ahh,memories…

  2. a gravatar omer maras Says:

    I have downloaded it, opened the rar file, and clicked on “install” (am working under Windows 98), then selected “1” in the opening (dos??) window, but then it tells me I didn’t have the disk ??? Can anybody tell me what the problem is, or better, how to install it? omermaras@runbox.com

  3. a gravatar fireryone Says:

    Here is how to install the game Lion King Open the .rar file and extract all files to where you would like the game (eg. C:\LionKing or C:\downloads\LionKing). then run LionKing.exe and it starts the game you will be prompted to enter a letter from the manual but all you need to do is hit any key game should run. Need more help ask. Ps. I am using Win98SE in windows mode and it works fine. fireryone please visit my Real Time Strategy Mod Site http://www.rtsworld2002.filetap.com

  4. a gravatar Alena Says:

    Hello, ppl:) I need help, I downloaded The Lion King, but when I enter “install.exe” it wants some letters(someone told me it wants “dwarf”) then I got to further menu, but couldn’t install it anyway(my PC absolutely froze). So after it unfroze, I tried just lionking.exe.. but the sound is coming to me in pieces and it’s all running too slow. I use Windows XP. Could anybody help me?

  5. a gravatar Kurt97 Says:

    Same here! :(((

  6. a gravatar Ashish Says:

    how to run this game in windows xp?

  7. a gravatar Link88 Says:

    Try use a software called DosBox. It can be used as an emulator for DOS-based games on newer Operation systems like Windows XP. DosBox also works on Windows Vista.
    It works perfectly for me when I play the Lion King game on my computer.

  8. a gravatar Link88 Says:

    By the way, I have a problem with the game, too.
    It’s working fine until you need to roar to an enemy.
    Sometimes when you do, the Roar Meter doesn’t fill up over time as it should.
    This may also occur at the very start of a level; you starts with an empty Roar Meter that never refills. When it happens, it makes some levels impossible to beat (Level 2, for example, where you have to roar at the monkeys).
    Does anyone have any idea what the problem is or how to fix it?

  9. a gravatar Link88 Says:

    Umm… Ironicly I solved the problem just a few hours after posting my question.
    In case anyone else have suffered the same problem, here’s what to do:
    Whenever the Roar Meter “freezes”, just “paws” (pause) the game with the P key on the keyboard, then unpause the game.
    This causes the Roar Meter to work normally again.
    If it doesn’t, pause and unpause the game again until it does.
    I still don’t know what causes of this bug to happen, though.

    Be aware!
    Puasing the game with a working Roar Meter may cause this bug to occur again. Pause and unpause again to fix it.

    Other ways of solving this dilemma is to die with Simba or Level Warp with the L key (Cheat Mode must be activated for this to work).
    I recommend the pause/unpausing method, though, since it can be used by anyone, even you who doesn’t have many lives left and don’t want to activate Cheat Mode.

  10. a gravatar Major Drakkus Says:

    I used to love this game, though I only had the demo, back in the days… But I can’t seem to get this to work. I get just past the “asking for a word” screen, and then the Virgin label comes up, usually at a low opacity or sometimes not at all, I hear two “pfts” from my speakers and the whole thing just grinds to a halt. I’ve tried DOSbox; it tells me it can’t open the EPFS file. I tried compatibility mode too, but none of it seems to work. I use Windows XP, but other DOS games have worked on my machine, either normally or in DOSbox. I know the files probably aren’t corrupted in the download, as every version I’ve downloaded has had this problem. Can you help? 🙁

  11. a gravatar ployten Says:

    I have the same problem with Link88!!So I can’t pass level 2 and i’m really upset. – -” I search on internet and I finally find this site and the one who have solution that can solve my problem.V^o^V I’m really really glad and thank you so much.I love this game very very much.It’s really fun.Let’s TRY and you will LOVE IT.THX!!! ^_^

  12. a gravatar Anne (french player) Says:


    I had a problem : I did “install.exe” and I wrote C:\LionKing but after that, the game asked me to put the disk number 1, into my computer. I haven’t got it ! What can I do ?

  13. a gravatar bunnzy Says:

    Hi there,

    There has been a number of solutions posted above, have you tried them? Have you tried running the game in DOSBox?

    I’ll have a go installing the game tonight and see if I can get it to run.

    I’ll also add a file added to the download with all the help you guys have added. So thanks for supporting each other! 🙂


  14. a gravatar Ashley Says:

    I use DOSbox to run this game, but when I start it, it’s like a tutorial or something – I have no control. The menu pops up for about 3 seconds and then goes into all the different levels showing how to complete them. What’s up?

  15. a gravatar Wlado Says:

    I’m also having the “can’t open epfs file” problem, but not only with Lion King but with ALL dos Disney games I have. Alddin, Jungle Book, Lion King, name it, it’s either “can’t open epfs file” or “Can’t open file”. Really frustrated cause I spent a lot of time searching the DOS games, not the crappy emulated Sega rips with ugly colors and bad sound… And now they wont work. :/
    So please help me I’d really like to play through these and bring back some childhood memories….. 🙂

  16. a gravatar SofieMaria Says:

    Hallo i have a question.

    I have this game at my computer using DosBox. I just Can’t get throug the level with “Simbas exile” and i’m trying with det cheats “dwarf” but it does not work.. Any idea why i can’t get it to work?

  17. a gravatar Lyly Says:

    SofieMaria I have the same problem with this game.Cheats does not works and I don’t know why.I am at level 3 but it is boaring to go again at the beginning sometimes and I want this cheat.I write it again and again, in different ways but the result is the samo-just nothing.I want cheats.

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