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20 January 2008

Magic Maycabs

 in 1994,Platform — bunnzy

Magic Maycabs is an absolutely wonderful game. Did I say wonderful? I meant difficult!

Magic Maycabs Magic Maycabs Magic Maycabs

It sure takes me back to when I was about 15 and I played it for the first time. It reminded me a lot of Jumpman, Lode Runner and other little platforms out at that time. I loved Jumpman (it’s one of my favourite games of all time). So you can probably guess I adored Magic Maycabs, even though I found it excruciatingly hard at times.

According to the author Dan, Magic Maycabs is based on Magic Mushroom, which was an awesome game for the BBC Micro. (I remember that game!). Well, the reason you play a car in his PC version here, is because he couldn’t draw the best looking person πŸ˜‰ I think that’s a good enough reason! Besides, it gives the game it’s own twist, and also lends to the name of the game – Maycabs. Named after a fictional taxi firm – it’s a long story I’m sure πŸ™‚

Back to the plot, you are a car, a magical car that can jump. Maybe that is where the β€œMagic” comes into it. You have to drive around the level, collecting all the mushrooms. There are certain parts of the level which are fatal if your car goes into them. There are also enemies which you need to avoid, and they are clever enough to be attracted to your car too. A bit like possums and headlights? Or maybe dogs which chase cars…

Just when you thought that was bad enough – and trust me it is. There is also a time limit on each level. So you have to get all the mushrooms, avoid the enemies, and make it to the exit block before you run out of time on the clock. Much easier said than done… this game is damn hard. Or maybe we are all so into our modern games we’ve become useful at platform games.

Magic Maycabs Magic Maycabs Magic Maycabs

Version 1.1 is shareware and available below (for memories sake). Version 2.0 is the registered full version, and it is also available as the main download below. This version has been made available by the creator Dan Lester for free! Version 2.0 also contains a level editor, which is easy to use and can keep you occupied for hours (just ask my family). You can use the level editor to create easier levels… hehe.

I want to say thanks to Swizzle for his part in getting this game out to everyone. And a really big thanks to Dan Lester for making this game free for everyone to enjoy.

Magic Maycabs Magic Maycabs Magic Maycabs

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Magic Maycabs

  • Published by: Dan Lester
  • Designed by: Dan Lester

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Size: 80kb (1 mins on 56k dial-up)


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