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7 January 2007


 in 1994,Platform — bunnzy

Coolspot Coolspot Coolspot

Ah Coolspot. You might remember him off television, the 7-Up mascot. He is the little red dot dude with cool shades, funky attitude and Mickey Mouse gloves to match.I think the only part of this game that I actually found easy was the yo-yo playing part. Then again, that did happen after you left it idling and he got bored (like Commander Keen and his book 😉 hehe). The difficulty I had can be blamed on the fact that I’m lame when it comes to some games that require me to move around fast and jump things. Jumping is not my forte.

So anyway, the game is fun. It’s a side-scrolling platform, consisting of many levels, rather interesting enemies, and a whole lot of jumping. You collect clocks for time extensions, as you’re racing against time to get through the levels. You can also collect other stuff for points, and red dots that float and look magical for bonus things. In the top right hand corner is his cool meter, and you have to collect 7-Up to keep him from turning into a totally Uncoolspot.

I can’t really say too much, as I didn’t get very far. I did enjoy the levels I played, and apparently it’s a great game. So download it and have a play. If you also want to write a more insightful review you’re also very welcome 😉

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  • Published by: Virgin Interactive
  • Designed by: Virgin Interactive

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Size: 700kb (3 min on 56k dial-up)


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