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5 January 2007


 in 1994,Arcade — bunnzy

Alf Alf Alf

Everyone remembers Alf the alien from Melmac. Gracing our TV’s every evening at around 5.30pm =). You might recognise some famous quotes such as “hey Willy!” and “No problem!”. And the ‘lets eat fluffy the cat’ problem that would arise a fair bit. Hehe, I still even have an Alf soft toy at home! This game is based on the TV show (duh), and I happened to think it was pretty groovy indeed.

Basically Alf came to earth in his spaceship, which is a jet scooter. The problem is, he’s out of gas can’t get home again. There is a pawnshop in this game, which lets him sell stuff and get money to buy some gas for his jet scooter. So his job is to go exploring around and find things to sell to the pawnshop. (I think that they should have named THIS game Thief, don’t you 😉 Hehe).

It’s not as simple as finding stuff and then selling it. Some things you need to buy from the pawnshop in order to use in other parts of the game to obtain even bigger stuff to sell. The same goes with some things you find. You don’t sell them, as you need to use them in other parts of the game. Alf is kind of like a puzzle game in that sense.

The graphics and the sound sadly leave a bit to be desired. Considering this is a 1994 game I would have expected much better. The sound might make you want to slit your wrists, and the graphics are a bit hard on the eyes and make gameplay a tad difficult. But you should still have some fun playing this game. We all love Alf, the one alien that we could be around as kids and not get frightened, (except ET of course, although I’d probably need a clean pair of pants if I saw him face to face at the age of 22 even!)

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2 Responses to “Alf”

  1. a gravatar Nikoz the Greek Says:

    I just moved to the country and found this dirty white stray cat. I named it Alf. Not really sure why. Oh well, lets not think too deeply on this one.

  2. a gravatar scary horror games Says:

    This arcade game is one of the best. I don’t really think that the kids now know this.

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