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22 February 2008

Scrabble: Deluxe Computer Edition

 in 1990,Board — bunnzy

Scrabble Deluxe Scrabble Deluxe Scrabble Deluxe

I’m not sure what makes the deluxe version better than the normal version, but this game sure did feel “deluxe” 😉 Could be all the options in the menu, could be the lovely big scrabble pieces… I’m not sure.

This game has so many options! You can play up to four players, any combination of human and computer. You also get to select the ability of the computer players from novice to professional, then kick off the game.

Player 1 goes first, which is probably you, start from the star in the middle. When the subsequent players have their turn their tiles will appear along the bottom. When you get towards the end of the game it gets a bit slow, the computer takes more time to think because everyone is left with V’s, Q’s, Z’s and X’s usually. 🙂

A timer is available if you want to turn it on, that stops the computer thinking too long and forces them to pass. A useful feature if you’re hot-seating too and want to make sure your retarded brother doesn’t take too long. Also, you can turn of “s-words”, which is when someone dumps an “S” onto the end of the word and plurals it. You can turn off the “2-letter” words too, which can add a challenge.

There are some useful tools available to help during the game. One of the most useful would definitely be the anagram solver. Enter your letters, or a combination of letters and it’ll recommend words. There is a crossword solver (erm, if you’re doing a crossword sometime it might be useful…) There’s also a definition feature, if you want to find out what a word means. The computer doesn’t cheat though, so you don’t need to worry. However, don’t YOU be attempted to cheat, because yes, you can add words to the dictionary.

Scrabble Deluxe Scrabble Deluxe Scrabble Deluxe

There are so many other features and configurations for this game. I’d be here all day listing them all. This game is magnificent. If you can’t get people at home to play Scrabble with you, or you don’t think it’s worth forking out $40 for the board game then you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this.

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Scrabble: Deluxe Computer Edition

  • Published by: Virgin Mastertronic (Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc.)
  • Designed by: Virgin Mastertronic (Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc.)

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Size: 1508kb (6 min on 56k dial-up)

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