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22 January 2008


 in 1989,Educational — hexie

Cartooners - Title VGA Cartooners - Main VGA Cartooners - Movie Lost

This is another one of my bought ‘games’. Its not really a game, its more of an educational application. In Cartooners its all about making cartoons. There are no real game elements in this application, its just letting your creativity flow.

When you start Cartooners, you get into the main menu where you can choose a couple of options. Look, Play, Create and Quit.

Cartooners - Movie Magic Trick Cartooners - Movie Bunny Abandonware Rocks VGA Cartooners - Title CGA
In ‘Look’ you are at the theatre, you can click on the tickets to play a short movie. The movies already listed are the default movies which came with the application. These movies show off what you can do with the software.

‘Play’ is about the same as the ‘Look’ option, however when the movie ends when you just watched one, you dont return to the theatre, but you stay in the editor where you can edit the movie and add bits.

Cartooners - Editor Blank Cartooners - Editor Scene Selection Cartooners - Editor Graveyard

‘Create’ is the most interesting option, here you can do whatever comes to mind, to make the ultimate cartoon. When you start ‘Create’, you’ll start in a blank screen where you can start making your cartoon. First of all you can load scenes. The scenes can be anything from the default list, but you can also load your own pictures, saved from LBM files. I just loaded the ‘graveyard’ setting and added a bunny to the scene. You can place the bunny everywhere in the scene, but it makes the most sense when you put him/her on the ground. You can set it just far right, one pixel away from the border and you can make it ‘Act’. For instance, you can make the Bunny hop into the view. Then press record and it starts recording frame for frame in (faster than) real time. When it has hopped past from right to left and off the screen, you can slide the frame marker back to the beginning and press play. Now you see the bunny hop from right to left, your first cartoon has been made! To add music go back to the first frame and select a tune from the ‘Music’ menu. Select the ‘spooky’ music and press record again until your bunny has hopped out of the screen again. Now when you slide the frame marker back again and press play, your cartoon will play with spooky music playing 😉 This is just an example of what you can do with Cartooners.

Cartooners - Editor Graveyard Bunny Cartooners - Editor Graveyard Bunny Hop Cartooners - Editor Graveyard Music

There are lots and lots more actors to play around with, that can do (act) different things, like dancing and flying and landing and walk and move in all sorts of ways. You can load more than one scene, switch scenes as you go, add sound effects and music, work in multiple layers and add scenes and actors of your own. Speech and exclamation balloons help you with clearing up things. Its just a program to let your creativity run wild.

Its lots of fun making your own cartoons, but its too bad you cant add digital effects and the program only supports LBM files. However the program does support CGA, EGA, VGA, Tandy and various soundcards: Adlib, CMS Gameblaster, Roland MT-32, PC Speaker and Tandy.

It will keep you entertained for a while, but it wont last long anymore these days.

Cartooners - Movie Bunny Abandonware Rocks CGA

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  • Published by: Electronic Arts
  • Designed by: ITDA

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Size: 592kb (2 min on 56k dial-up)

9 Responses to “Cartooners”

  1. a gravatar bunnzy Says:

    Bunny Abandonware Rocks!

  2. a gravatar Hexie Says:

    And you know it! 😉

  3. a gravatar Esteban Says:

    Hello! I have WinXP running on my machine and I couldn’t install Cartoons on int 🙁

    How can I do that?

    Thank you!

    (estebancervi at gmail dot com)

  4. a gravatar hexie Says:

    You should install it under DosBox, thats an ms-dos emulator and then it should work okay. If it doesnt, you could put it on a floppy disk and install from that. The emulator can be found at http://dosbox.sourceforge.net/
    If you need help with something else, let me know it please.

  5. a gravatar malpractice liability insurance Says:

    so cute. keep going on

  6. a gravatar Glengary Says:

    I used to love this computer program! I would always make the bunny the butt of jokes!

  7. a gravatar bathroom renovations perth Says:

    Amazing find! I hope it can run on DOSBOX

  8. a gravatar arik Says:

    first of all thnx for download.
    this game\app\”whatever u name it” is realy helppfull for starting to read\write. it’s gr8 for kids for many reasons.

    i seen somewhere someone adding hes own background pictures as LBM files any clue how can i do it?

    plz contact go1981@walla.com if u do, would be helpfull to get answer b4 friday … lolz thnx again

  9. a gravatar Lizz Says:

    This game was so awesome. But large cartoons made the game go out of memory easily. Anyway, you’ve made my day.

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