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15 February 2008

Trivial Pursuit Deluxe

 in 1986,Board — bunnzy

Another great board game conversion!

Trivial Pursuit Deluxe Trivial Pursuit Deluxe Trivial Pursuit Deluxe

One thing I found quite unusable was the initial menu. There were no text rollovers or anything for the menu items. I took the spanner and hammer combination to be “setup” and I was right, I could choose which card deck to use and configure the sound. The one with the graph I took a guess at and got wrong, it is actually some sort of scoring thing. The clock icon is used to set a time limit for answering the questions. The little gloved hands in the middle is where you can change the player setup – who plays as what colour, add more players etc. Of course the bottom icon is the “Let’s start the game!” icon 🙂

So like the board game, you roll the dice and move your piece. You are asked the question from the card corresponding with your colour, but you do not type in or select the answer, you choose it in your head. Once you have decided the answer, push the “reveal” button and then you get to put in whether you got it right or not. So realistically this game is designed for you to play with your friends around a table (erm, around a computer). I think it must have been purely for those who didn’t have the board game but wanted to play, not for people home alone that want to play vs a computer. There is no computer player option, so you better make sure you have some friends to play with.

Trivial Pursuit Deluxe Trivial Pursuit Deluxe Trivial Pursuit Deluxe

The little bird guy that comes out and asks you the question is very cool. 🙂 He takes you into themed rooms and asks you your question. I enjoyed his sarcastic sense of humour too! He kept accusing me of guessing it correctly when I got it right.

Really, you have to play against humans otherwise it’s not going to work 😉 I’ve been cheating the entire time I’ve played this…

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Trivial Pursuit Deluxe

  • Published by: Domark Software
  • Designed by: Domark Software

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3 Responses to “Trivial Pursuit Deluxe”

  1. a gravatar Hextrasher Says:

    Pretty graphics for a 1986 game! Is it an error ?

  2. a gravatar Viciada « Life is a bitch, versión 2.0 Says:

    […] Lo primero que hice cuando compré un ordenador fue instalar un juego: el Trivial. He encontrado tres imágenes de aquél trivial antidiluviano (en el 92), flipad. […]

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