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22 January 2010

Site maintenance

 in News — bunnzy

Nope, haven’t been playing any games or anything. ¬†Well I have, but they have been on my Nintendo DSi!

I’ve been doing some site maintenance tonight. ¬†Making sure everything is running smoothly behind the scenes, and that the Google stuff is all ticking along nicely.

I really should play some games. Anyone want to recommend any that should be added to the site?

M xx

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6 Responses to “Site maintenance”

  1. a gravatar abandonware games Says:

    I just picked up a Nintendo DS. Can you recommend any software for SD cards to run emulations off it? I’ve done some basic research on it, haven’t had much success yet

  2. a gravatar bunnzy Says:

    Well, if you have the DS with the GBA slot then you can get flash carts and play GBA roms. Hmm, otherwise you should Google DSi flash carts or something. I’m not sure what they are called sorry.

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