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20 February 2009

R.I.P Home of the Underdogs :'(

 in News — bunnzy

If you know anything about old games, retro-gaming, abandonware or anything cool, then you know about Home of the Underdogs. You don’t know about HOTU? STOP reading and leave.

I remember when there were many abandonware websites. Back in the days of Flashback, Conservatory etc. Then maybe we grow up and grow away from these things. Everyone runs off and gets a job or gets married 😛 The rest of us die-hard nerds are left here behind holding it all together… Maybe abandonware stops being 100k games from the 80s and becomes 100mb games from the late 90s and we are left with the issue of hosting and bandwidth. What to do?

The die-hards aren’t leaving. The Good Old Days, XTC Abandonware, Abandonia, this website. We’ll still be here.

It’s a sad day when the world loses access to rare games, old games, forgotten games, forsaken games.

I must say it is a relief that HOTU went down because the hosting company went bankrupt. Is that an awful thing to say? I’m glad because it’s not because it got closed down by some crappy dictatorshippycommunisty IDSA or something bullshit like that.

Hopefully someone is man enough to step up and take over. Did I say “man enough”? This scene is run by chicks – if you didn’t know that then you should leave again in case you get an inferiority complex 😉

Sad day, sad day indeed. It means the rest of us are going to have to work extra hard to pick up the slack. Rise to the challenge boys :p

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14 Responses to “R.I.P Home of the Underdogs :'(”

  1. a gravatar bakkelun Says:

    But seriously, that site hasn’t been updated for ages. The creator left years ago and it has degraded ever since. The last year or so it’s been a shadow of it former self, with barely just the text decriptions of the games (which, in fact was a diamond cave of info).

    It’s though sad, indeed. I remember it was the only place I even knew on zhe interwebz when it came to getting old games back in the day, and it has served a great role in paving way for the scene, absolutely no doubt.
    But, there are many other great resources out there that surely needs the attention. Sceners that has been around almost as long as HoTU (yes, Im pointing at you Latis 🙂 (and others too) and their veteran status should count for something.

    – bakkelun
    The DOS Spirit

  2. a gravatar bakkelun Says:

    Also, according to wikipedia, their host went bankrupt on Friday the 13th. Coincidence? I think not!

  3. a gravatar RIP HOTU « bunnzy Says:

    […] Bummer dudes. Home of the Underdogs goes down.. Read about it at Bunny Abandonware. […]

  4. a gravatar shane Says:


  5. a gravatar GlennO Says:

    I got so many great games from that site! It really is a loss 🙁

  6. a gravatar Crayshen Says:

    You types are aware there’s at least two revival efforts out there right? (And one with Sarinee’s blessing at that.)

  7. a gravatar Mr Old Games Says:

    HOTU was the reason why i created Mr Old games. Old games\abandonware scene isn’t the same without HOTU.

    I am betting on Hotud.org. Let’s see if the two revivals work out 🙂

  8. a gravatar Techn1k Says:

    Rip! I remember downloading software from HOTU and transporting it on floppies from school to home (no internet back then). It was more than just a site. No time for crying though.

  9. a gravatar CompanionWulf Says:

    Sad day indeed, but I don’t think it’s completely dead. Try hotud.org (as has previously been mentioned). Not the same as the original, but a valiant effort at reviving the classics. Let’s hope it continues. 😉

  10. a gravatar PORFA Says:

    Hy Bunnzy Muse fan number one as of 2002 LOL
    i was goggling for oldgames and i’ve remmenberd u, shit hotu closed down, i admit i had forgoten about it, but now i rememneber what it was and im sad =(

  11. a gravatar tape transcription Says:

    If any article contains very good information useful for various strata of our society then it is bound to happen that users stay on the website for longer time. 🙂

  12. a gravatar Flashback Says:

    Well .. I’m still around, just not active!

  13. a gravatar tobi Says:

    thank u!

  14. a gravatar armor games unblocked Says:

    I had a great time reading this. Thanks!

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