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12 January 2007

Migration complete

 in News — bunnzy

Well, I have completed the data migration from BA3.0 to BA4.0. It only took 6 or so days… Unfortunately I haven’t been able to preserve some things such as the dates and times for when games were originally added, or comments were originally added. It was enough work to bring across everything else. I might work on that at a later date, but be assured that the old site is archived and will be saved forever. πŸ™‚

The new BA 4.0 looks good. Everything behind the scenes now runs so much better using WordPress than my old BA control panel which … well you don’t want to see that. I wouldn’t even put it up so you could have a good laugh :p Thank you so much to my cousin Brett for his help configuring everything and helping a bit with the migration. Now BA will run smoother, updating will be easier and keeping all those games in check will be much more simple.

Thanks for all the games that people have contributed and the great reviews, all the work you’ve put in over the years has kept this site going and going. You all know who you are

Thanks for nothing to the assholes that leave comments picking apart things or demanding why I have a game up if I don’t have it for download. If you don’t like what I do with my site then f**k off. If you want to buy me a big server that can handle lots of traffic and downloads then feel free to contact me, if not then just be happy with what I do provide. To all those who do want some games that I don’t have here but are nice and polite then please contact me and I can arrange an ftp or get on IRC and send them over.

It’s been a long time coming, but thanks for being patient, and thanks for all the kind e-mails of praise and encouragement that I still get into my inbox. It’s the things like that which make it worth it. Well, the second reason is that, the first is because I love games, I especially love older games, and I want nothing more than to preserve them.

Let’s have a great 2007,

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8 Responses to “Migration complete”

  1. a gravatar Glutnix Says:

    Hey, it’s been an honour to work on version 4 of Bunny Abandonware. Enjoy the new layout, the easy to navigate genres, the search engine, the return of the pink flowers, and everything else that’s new.

    But above all, enjoy the games! We do it for the love of the game(s)!

  2. a gravatar Muaddib Says:

    I’ve been saying it on about all the abandonware site I’m posting on, but it looks great! πŸ™‚

  3. a gravatar Anomonous Guy Says:

    Looking good there. Still as pink as ever!

  4. a gravatar Data Says:

    Looks Great!

  5. a gravatar bunnzy Says:

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  6. a gravatar harley Says:

    hello Michelle
    my name is harley and ive been looking for heart of darkness on the internet to download. its a very fun game and i havent played it since i was like 8.. and so i wanna play it again. and then i read your blog thingy where it sez (To all those who do want some games that I don’t have here but are nice and polite then please contact me and I can arrange an ftp or get on IRC and send them over)

    and so i was wondering if you can help do that for heart of darkness.. if you can then thank you so much!

    my email is this.is.harley@hotmail.com..

    thank you

  7. a gravatar wuxiaworld Says:

    Thank you for valuable suggestions.

  8. a gravatar hacked armor games Says:

    This is simply ingenious. Now why didn’t anybody think of this before… The discussion is so polarized…

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