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30 March 2008

Marching on…

 in News — bunnzy

It’s hard to believe that it’s already the end of March 2008. Time really does fly when you’re having fun (and being a mum, and being a manager, and being a student, and being a webmaster…).

But, I do live for abandonware! -_-; And I’m loving the progress of this site. I am really happy, and I guess.. encouraged to see the new sites which are still being built to support this cause. I remember when it was the 1990s and we were starting abandonware websites to keep the 1980s alive. And it’s nearly 2010 and people are still starting up websites to keep the 1980s alive, as well as the 1990s.

Keep up the good work everyone. It’s worthy cause, and as curators of these museums we’re doing a damn fine job.

Au revoir!
Michelle xx

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    Spotted your site ages ago & bookmarked it.
    Am on holiday and at last have time to play around on the ‘net for fun
    pleased to see you ar still around. keep up the good work

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