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19 June 2009

Home of the Underdogs back from the dead!

 in News — bunnzy

It’s a fine day when the mega-site of abandonware comes back from the dead. Welcome back Home of the Underdogs!

Hopefully it’ll keep updated. Well, more updated than this bloody site has been lately eh? 😀 Not hard really. Sorry about that folks. If only I could quit my job and just update my site all day and play games. Alas, that will never happen…

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8 Responses to “Home of the Underdogs back from the dead!”

  1. a gravatar Calso Says:

    Do it! Quit your job and play games full time… I did… Sort of.

  2. a gravatar gcse coursework Says:

    I agree to Calso! Working distracts playing games! Lols!

  3. a gravatar bunnzy Says:

    I know, work is a total distraction. Unfortunately I need to work to pay the powerbill to power my computer to play games. So you see, I am working TO play games. Which I think is close enough for now 😉

  4. a gravatar lipodrene Says:

    Yeah i just like the style it is made now!

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