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12 February 2007

Hexie saves the day

 in News — bunnzy

Big thanks goes out to Hexie for helping us with our issues. We now are back in action (once I ask my cousin how to do a bulk update for the download links…)

I’ll be sure to update you when the files are accessible again 🙂

I am SO happy, thank you so much Hexie. From the bottom of my heart, and from all those who sent in their messages of support. Thank you to the abandonware supporters!

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7 Responses to “Hexie saves the day”

  1. a gravatar Havok Says:

    Great news!!

    Thanks Hexie for keeping one of the best sites around
    open for all of us to enjoy!

    And thank you again Bunnzy for all the hard work and dedication.

  2. a gravatar bunnzy Says:

    Thank you Havok 🙂

  3. a gravatar Oyn Says:

    Yay, Bunny Abandonware is operatoinal again!

  4. a gravatar Oyn Says:

    Erm, operational 😡

  5. a gravatar Sean Says:

    Wooteh! Great site, looking good. 🙂

  6. a gravatar Hexie Says:

    Looks like you fixed the links eh ? Its good everything works again, have fun with the site.

  7. a gravatar armour games Says:

    It’s good that they have made something like these. This looks a whole lot better to me.

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