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10 February 2007

File hosting gone

 in News — bunnzy

Hi everyone. Unfortunately we have lost our file hosting, so none of the downloads will work. We’ve had the same hosting for about 9 years, so it’s a shame that it seems to have disappeared. :( Who saw that coming? Not me…
If you can help with hosting for our files then please contact us. If we cannot find files we’ll probably need to revisit the purpose of this site, turning into a non-download site, or closing it down altogether.

It’s been a good long run, but we’ve reached a cross-roads…

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14 Responses to “File hosting gone”

  1. a gravatar Daniel Says:

    I’d vote for keeping it up as a non-download site. I like your writing style, your reviews are some of the most interesting to read!
    No worries, I wouldn’t consider the downloads being essential for this site.

  2. a gravatar bunnzy Says:

    Thanks Daniel 🙂 I’ll keep my options open for sure. There is no way I’d stop contributing to the scene, not with the work I do at Aplaces, and sharing abandonware through torrenting, irc etc

  3. a gravatar Havok Says:


    Why are all the great Abandonware sites having such bad luck lately? It will be a shame to see more good downloads go, but somethings you just have no control over.

    I do hope you keep up the grat work that you do Bunnzy, Whatever shape it takes. If the site does go away for good, I would personaly like to thank you for all the years of good work that you have done in keeping Abandonware alive online.

  4. a gravatar bunnzy Says:

    It’s okay, Hexie has saved us 🙂 He’s my hero (F)

  5. a gravatar page rank advisor Says:

    I do hope you keep up the grat work that you do .wish you all the best

  6. a gravatar Wil Says:

    Its a good thing you didnt close the site cos i have only just came across it and i like the look of it.

  7. a gravatar Wil Says:

    you could do with some more games i think. otherwise this is a good site.

  8. a gravatar Basil Says:

    Super site ! Bravo au webmaster qui a su rendre le site tres interressant.Continue comme ca 😉

  9. a gravatar bunnzy Says:

    thanks 🙂 I try to only add games which I know and love. I have access to lots of other games if you would like to make some recommendations for games you’d like to see here, or write a review for! 🙂

  10. a gravatar Alex Says:

    Hi, try this service http://www.momupload.com for file hosting
    i’ve been using it for a long time and i can say, that it’s best one i have ever used before.
    Hope this helps. 🙂

  11. a gravatar Madeline Says:

    This game had few chances and allowed many yellow cards

  12. a gravatar Cyprian Says:

    I can’t be bothered with anything lately, but that’s how it is. Nothing seems important, but what can I say? Shrug.

  13. a gravatar Daniel Imago Says:

    Hi, i can give you hosting space in exchange for some publicity. Send me an email !

  14. a gravatar armor games Says:

    Things like this are useful to read. I’m glad I came across this site; very informative post.

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