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25 January 2008

Abandonware Torrents!

 in News — bunnzy

So DarKsiDe (yes, from Abandon5000) has started an Abandonware Torrents site. I think this is a just awesome idea. The site is at http://www.awtorrent.net/.

I wrote a bit about it over on my blog at www.weetbix.net, and DarKsiDe was nice enough to stop by and provide more information about what’s happening with the site and where it’ll be heading. So defintely go over and have a read for more information.

It may be hard to get it all sorted, with keeping up with what is seeding, removing old games no longer abandonware etc.� I am pleased to hear that there will be more info shared per game, screenshots etc.� Plus, limited uploaders to keep the quality. 🙂

I think it’s going to be useful for repopulating the abandonware world.� People will be able to review games, start up sites and link to the Abandonware Torrents site to encourage people to share the old games.

I’m looking forward to getting involved and sharing a lot of abandonware through Abandonware Torrents, I hope everyone else gets behind this awesome concept and shares the love too. 🙂


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