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This page contains links to various sites affiliated with us, or just sites that we respect and feel play an important part in the realm of Abandonware.

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Classic Games is a great abandonware site that people should really keep their eyes on. It’s growing at rapid speeds.
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Game Reserve – Run by John the gamekeeper. A site offering great abandonware plus shareware. Saw some nice rare titles there.

Abandonia is a great site that has been growing really well. I’ve really taken to this site, I love it. Definitely one worth visiting. 🙂


The DOS Spirit – an awesome site with a nice selection of abandonware. Has been around on the scene for a long time, albeit with much stealth.

The House of Games – Run by Erde Kaiser. This site is updated frequently and has a great selection of abandonware (nearly 400 games last count).

HolyFile is one kitted out site. It contains [quote]software ranging from Antivirus programs, Firewalls, Multimedia software, Anti-Spam software, Funny movieclips, to Abandonware games.[/quote] Definately a recommended visit.

XTC Abandonware – Great for small, lesser known games.

The Good Old Days – a site as old as time! Been around forever and has games out the wazoo.

The Nostalgic Stuff Collection – Some very old game here.

Other various sites:

VG Museum
Mobygames – The encyclopedia of every game for every platform ever made… ever.
Vg Music Archive
High Voltage SID Collection
The Dot Eaters – Classic Video Games History
The Patches Scroll
OldSkool PC

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