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5 January 2007

Warcraft: Orcs and Humans

 in 1994,Strategy — Jack Frost

Warcraft Screenshot 1 Warcraft Screenshot 2

An ignorant person would claim that Tides of Darkness was the first game in the Warcraft series. They would be wrong !!! But, of course, it doesn’t stop hundreds of websites refering, to the above as Warcraft, as though it was the original. Just look in any search engine (I used MSN, Google and Altavista) and type Warcraft, or even Warcraft 1. You’ll be amased by the number of websites that talk about Warcraft 2, and yet seem to miss out the classic game I’m taking a close look at in this review Over the years I’ve become increasingly irritated by the situation described above, and as a purchaser of the original warcraft I can honestly say that most people overlook this game when they think of the great games. Who could deny Warcraft the honour of being one of the patriarchs of modern games ? Especially when it won 9 awards for the game (see bottom of the following webpage for details: http://www.blizzard.com/inblizz/awards.shtml), and all at a time when a half hour plus install wait wasn’t the norm !!The game is really fun, but I guess I would say that, considering that I’m a real time stratagy fanatic. You start the game as a low ranked servant of either the Orcish hordes or the Human kingdom of Azeroth. You can increase your rank, and the number of units you can command, by achieving the goals of the stage you are on. The ultimate goal is to rid Azeroth of the oposite race, whose tactics get better as you progress through the stages.

The graphics are excellent, especially considering the game was released in 1994. The trees and terrain are believable and realistic. Sometimes, though, the animation of the units in the game turns into blury blobs of flesh. This happens a lot when the peons or peasants are choping trees. But, I still love playing the game.

The sound effects and music are characteristically millitaristic, and add to the war admosphere and realism of the game. They are also very high quality. I think that this game (along with others) helped steer modern sounds effect and music in the right direction. Warcraft’s sounds were an important development in turning the irritating bleeps and screeches of the early games, to the music we hear in modern games. Sounds, like the ones heard in this game, don’t make you want to reach for the mute button. They are a bit repetitive, but I don’t think that the game becomes irritating or monotonious because of it.

Overall Warcraft 1: Orcs vs Humans is a classic game. It’s only flaws are ones that it’s decendants (Tides of Darkness and Reign of Chaos) have only just corrected. It’s a real shame that there aren’t that many warcraft 1, cause it really is a great game.

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Warcraft: Orcs and Humans

  • Designed by: Blizzard
  • Published by: Blizzard

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5 Responses to “Warcraft: Orcs and Humans”

  1. a gravatar Antony Says:

    Few are before this one, and few inded that are better, for it was one of the few of its time, and one that still has some weigth in front of its latter versions. Play it, you´ll understand more the latter versions.

  2. a gravatar SPZ Says:

    great game great developer! see the hungarianpage: http://www.war1hun.uw.hu wallpapers, and more!

  3. a gravatar Gaston Says:

    First time I played the game I was just 6 years old, had a great time playing it, and still miss the sound from the orc “counter”-building(the place where you get warlocks) to the humans church

  4. a gravatar katie smith Says:

    i hate this game i luv burning crusades compared to this

    ftw allie

  5. a gravatar Chandler Says:

    yes, totally agree. great game, the most challenging of all warcraft games, the way i see it. a true trailblazer!

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