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10 January 2007

The Final Conflict

 in 1991,Strategy — Marrsy

The Final Conflict The Final Conflict The Final Conflict

I can’t remember exactly where I got this game from, it was probably one of the many hundreds of second hand games that I got from car boot sales and bargain bins. Anyway, for a long time it was just one of those games that I owned but hadn’t gotten around to play untill one night when I was looking for something to play and decided to give it a go – and was hooked for 6 hours or so.

Final conflict is a strategic game of global nuclear war that will appeal to arcade fans more than die-hard wargamers. It comes with a few pre-programmed scenarios : east vs west, the middle east etc or you can choose to conquer the world. A basic game goes like this – use espionage to locate your enemy’s factorys, cities etc and then obliterate them with nuclear ICBMs. Then move in the troops and either obliterate what it left or occupy and use their resources for your advantage. There is also a rather simplistic diplomatic model in which you can convince nations to join your cause. It’s all rather simplistic but as long as you don’t expect anything to deep you should have some fun with it.

It is when enemies launch nuclear weapons against you that the game switches to arcade mode. You have to defend your cities and facilities from incoming warheads using star-wars type weaponry – if you’ve ever played the classic Atari game Missile Command then you’ll be right at home.

For the average gamer this will provide a few hours of enjoyment, die hard strategy gamers will give up out of disgust.

Fun, but nothing special

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The Final Conflict

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