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7 January 2007

Defender of the Crown

 in 1987,Strategy — bunnzy

Defender of the Crown Defender of the Crown Defender of the Crown

Defender of the Crown was an excellent single player strategy game for it’s time. Originally the Amiga in 1986 it came out for DOS in 1987. It’s a simplistic strategy game, but the game play is amazing.

The game is set in England, the Saxons and the Normans are fighting for the land as the King is now dead. The main map is a birds-eye view of England, divided up into its historical regions. Lucky you, you also get to battle for Mother England. In this sense it’s a lot like Risk meets a very, very primitive Heroes of Might & Magic, as when you capture a region you get a castle and with that you can purchase additions to your army defending your castles and the army you use to conquer the other regions.

You don’t get to see much action, as when you encounter another army it takes an early RPG approach and you get to see the outcome but not the fight. When you take on a castle you get to see the brilliant graphics! The scene moves into the castle and takes on that early HOMM feel. You take down the wall, and then select which people to attack.

You get to rescue ladies, and hook up with Robin Hood. That came out wrong, because you actually meet Robin Hood and hook up with the ladies…

The VGA version is much, much better than the CGA. I know that’s a given, but I found I couldn’t play long with the CGA version; my eyes went to total crap on me. If you can get a VGA version then send it over! Otherwise, in both CGA & VGA the graphics were great for 1987, the landscapes, characters, maps etc. Absolutely astounding! The Amiga was much better, admittedly, but compared to other games from this time, this game was at the top of its class. I can’t even begin to imagine how much work went into the artwork on them old machines to get landscapes and scenes like you’ll find in Defender of the Crown.

PC speaker – hehe, need I say more? You’ll love it!

If you can get a copy of this for your GBA then go for it, the GBA version is awesome fun! 🙂 And if you did like this, take a look at the Heroes of Might & Magic games, as they are very similar but much more advanced and pretty to look at.

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Defender of the Crown

  • Designed by: Master Designer Software, Inc.
  • Published by: Mindscape Inc.

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Size: 845kb (3 min on 56k dial-up)

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  1. a gravatar Guido van Andel Says:

    If you hate ugly graphics, you should try out the Amiga version. I haven’t seen a VGA version of this game, but I’m sure the Amiga graphics look even better. Note that you’ll need a working emulator (no problem though).

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