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7 January 2007


 in 1991,Strategy — gord

Civilization Civilization Civilization

Civilization: Ahh civ, so I was going through my old cd-collection today and I find civilization, on cd, I pondered for a second, wondering how I managed to get this, and why civ would be on a cd. Well it turns out it had the game in English, French and German, plus manuals to match 🙂 (Although I couldn’t actually put the manual here because its like 23mb O_O) but I digress 🙂

For those of you that don’t know, civilization is a turn-based strategy game, created by Sid Meier’s and published by Micro Prose. And although I would be the first to admit I am not exactly good at this game, it is still enjoyable to play once in a while :). You are the leader of a new civilization, on a new world, your job, to 0wn everyone else. You can accomplish this task in one of two ways, by destroying all the other civilizations or by winning the space race (which is accomplished by researching into technology and then building a space-ship before anyone else). Its not just as simple as that though, there can be up to 7 other civilizations on this planet and they all want the same thing you do, and will do anything they can to accomplish it.

You can choose from 14 different civilizations to begin with ranging from civilizations such as the Romans (Caesar), to the Indians (Mahatma Gandhi). Each civilization not only looks different, but also has diffident starting technologies. Technologies are what gets you going in this world 🙂 you need to beef up your technologies by investing resource’s into researching them (such as researching the wheel), and then investing resource’s into developing them (such as making a horse drawn cart now you have the research for the wheel). Many technologies will require you to research into many different things, (see technologies flow chart).

You can acquire additional resources by expanding your civilization, for example by sending settlers to create new towns. You can also expand your civilization by converting the land surrounding your towns into irrigated land. And create roads to and from your towns to speed up the units that travel along it. What really makes or breaks you in this game is your foreign policies, will you go for love, or war? You can create ambassadors to meet with other civilizations and forge alliances, give gifts or even ask to go to war with another civilizations, but as a warning, they will also do this to you :).

One neat feature of this game is your palace, when you please your citizens, they will reward you by upgrading your palace, you can create quite a house O_O :).

All in all, this is a game that everyone should try once, even if you aren’t a fan of strategy games :).

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  • Published by: Micro Prose
  • Designed by: Sid Meier

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Size: 1606kb (6 min on 56k dial-up)

6 Responses to “Civilization”

  1. a gravatar Mateus Fedozzi Says:

    Eu amo esse jogo!!!!! Paixão mesmo, verdadeira. Sid Meier é um mestre!!! Jogos de estratégia são o máximo!!! E esse é um pérola, uma jóia preciosa. Long live Meier!!! Long live Bunny Abandonware!!!

  2. a gravatar Daviman Says:

    Great game!!!; thanks for thr upload

  3. a gravatar Rayman Says:

    This is the first in a series of 4. It has developed into the greatest ever srategy game of any age. Civ IV still sells regularly. BRILLIANT!!!

  4. a gravatar Brady Says:

    I personally prefer Civ 2 over all the others
    Just old enough to be classic and just new enough to have so-so graphics
    It also doen’t have that Civ specific unit system that 3 and 4 have

  5. a gravatar Civilization 1 Says:

    I love it . Civilization was the best game ever. I did like Civilization 2 and the call of power series. But Civilization 1 was the first and only supressed by the the number 4.

    Great game

  6. a gravatar gmail email login Says:

    I didn’t know about this game. Thank you for sharing.

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