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30 March 2008

Chip’s Challenge

 in 1991,Strategy — bunnzy

Note: This game requires Microsoft Windows.

Chip is a mega-nerd. And he wants to join the Bit Busters, which is a club for… nerds. The problem is the club is run by Melinda the Mental Marvel, and there is a rigorous test you must pass to be eligible to join.

To take up this much desired memberhship Chip has to collect all the computer chips in her tree house, which is a huge maze of levels over 140 levels tall! That is one HUGE treehouse! And it’s a really dodgy tricky treehouse with magic walls, strange doors, teleports, open fires, invisible walls and scary monsters. (Who leaves unattended fires in a treehouse?)

Chip's Challenge Chip's Challenge Chip's Challenge

This game is great. I have never made it to the end, but I’ve given it a damn good go. The levels get more challenging quite quickly. Every level has a yellow question mark on the floor, if you stand on that then you get a hint about the level and what you should do.

Some levels you have to do in certain times, you can pause the game to think. Always use the hints you are given. And read the ingame help, because they have a really good “Strategy and Hints” section!

The good news is that if you are having a really tough time trying to figure out a level sometimes Melinda will let you through to the next one. But you really have to deserve it! 😉

Chip's Challenge Chip's Challenge Chip's Challenge

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Chip’s Challenge

  • Published by: Microsoft Game Studios
  • Designed by: Epyx, Inc.

Download Now »

Size: 175kb (1 mins on 56k dial-up)


13 Responses to “Chip’s Challenge”

  1. a gravatar Ricardo Says:

    I was looking for an old… old game and not even remember the name. It hard to find something on internet without words!
    I saved this site on a favorite list long ago, open and started looking around it.
    Ta Daa!!!! I found what I was looking for, “Chip’s Challenge” an old addict-game.

    Many Thanks;

    Rio de Janeiro – Brasil

  2. a gravatar bunnzy Says:

    No problem 🙂

  3. a gravatar jao Says:

    thanks! at last found it! Ü

  4. a gravatar Play chips challenge - Play chips - Chip play Says:

    […] Chip's Challenge A collection of resources for Chip's Challenge players. FAQ, solutions and a newsgroup. Chip's Challenge Level Editor Create and play your own levels in Chip's Challenge […]

  5. a gravatar Aurora Says:

    ok. thanks. i know all about it. now where can you play it for free without downloading it?

  6. a gravatar bunnzy Says:

    Hi there,

    Uhh, it is free, and you have to download it because it’s a DOS game. It’s really small and very easy. Grab DOSBox from http://www.dosbox.com to run it.


  7. a gravatar SpEdwin Says:

    hello, would i by chance be able to get a 64 bit version of this game.. it won’t run on y computer it too new 🙁

  8. a gravatar K Says:

    Is this download free?

  9. a gravatar bunnzy Says:

    All downloads here are free 🙂

  10. a gravatar A Says:

    When I download it and it goes as a zip file, when I then extract it, it doesn’t seem to do anything… Could you please suggest what I could do to get it to download properly and work…I’m really bad with computers… :/

  11. a gravatar NEHA SHARMA Says:

    Hey!!! can anyone provide me the site where I can play original chip’s challenge games by Richard Fields????
    pls help me… im addicted to this game.. But i want the original one by Richard field’s…. pls tell me the link..

  12. a gravatar Nick Says:

    There is a new Chips Challenge game by the origonal creator for the iPad iPhone and it Itouch. There is alo one in the works for the pc and Mac.

  13. a gravatar chiidori Says:

    Thank you so much for this! I’ve been wanting to play this game for so long. It works fine in my computer. I extracted the zip file and a new folder appeared where the application of the game is. The only thing that I would really like to have now is an android version.

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