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6 January 2007

Chaos – Remake

 in Strategy — Marrsy

Chaos - Remake Chaos - Remake Chaos - Remake

A remake of my favourite game of all time and one that does the unthinkable – it IMPROVES on perfection.

I’m not gonna talk in any great detail about Chaos, if you have no idea what the game is then I suggest that you read the review on this site and then come back to this page.

Anyway, I first discovered this little beauty in an Atari ST public domain (shareware and freeare) archive about 6 or 7 years ago. As soon as I saw the anme I kew that I just had to have it, I popped my check in the post and sent off the order and within a week had the disk in front of me.

Let me tell you something, this game consistantly cracks me up BADLY. The author has taken sound samples from Monty Python, Red Dwarf, BlackAdder, Evil Deal and many more sources and incorporated them into the game. God knows how many copyrights he has infringed upon but who the hell cares because this thing is damn funny!


Anyway, that aside I should mention some of the other tweaks in this remake. The graphics have been tweaked from single to multi-colour sprites for example. It doesn’t do anything for the game but I suppose that it’s nice to look at 🙂 The biggest change is that when setting up a game you can now give comoputer players different difficulty levels (in the original you set one level for all AI players). So if you liek you can play against 3 easy opponents and 4 hard as hell ones. It’s a nice touch that while not making a huge difference to gameplay gives you that extra option should you want to use it.

Other than those few changes the game is very faithful to the original and is just as fun and absorbing. This version is my first choice when I want to play Chaos and if you are a fan of the first game then it is well worth downloading and trying it.

Great fun 🙂

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Chaos – Remake

  • Designed by: Martin Brownlow, Adam Turnbull

Download Now »

Size: 1128kb (4 min on 56k dial-up)


4 Responses to “Chaos – Remake”

  1. a gravatar Dekoth Says:

    I cant figure out how to play it! =(

  2. a gravatar -=+BadMrFrosty+=- Says:

    ahhh, Chaos. I remember this game well from my spec-chum days. Anyone remember that last issue of Your Sinclair? where all the past reviewers (they could get hold of that is) played this game one final time before packing their bags and leaving? Still brings a tear to my eye, even now 😉 This game is truly excellent and if you like it, you should try Lords of Chaos on Amiga/st and Magic and Mayhem (modern day remake)

  3. a gravatar mArRsY Says:

    Which one of you lot gave this game a bad rating?

    You’d better pray that I don’t find you!!!

  4. a gravatar guy Says:

    Heh, I remember when I first got this for my STe, I loaded it up, couldn’t get anywhere (“damn joystick control doesn’t work!”). Read the readme.1st file, found out how to play it, spent the following years thoroughly enjoying it 🙂 Quite possibly one of the best multiplayer games ever. Ever.

    This remakes also features an alien, which I don’t think the speccy original had (but it’s rare, I’ve only seen it twice!).

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