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7 January 2007


 in 1991,Sports — Marrsy

Vroom Vroom

I love this game, I LOVE this game..


(proceeds to excitedly run around in circles).

I played it for the first time in years recently, just to take a few screenshots before i added it to the site.

Then two hours vanished as I raced around the track repeatedly at speeds in excess of 120mph, occsionaly crashing, occasionaly spinning off the track but loving every minute of it.

In case you havent guessed, Vroom is a racing game. It has bright colourful graphics and endeavours to be more fun than a true simulation of F1 racing. The physics model is a bit strange; it’s possible to take corners almost perfectlt at 100mph with a minimum effort – but all this does is add to the fun and thrill of high speed racing.

I just love the game, I loved it on the Atari ST and I love it on the PC.

The most fun you can have without an elastic band and a batman costume.

HIGHLY Recomended.

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Size: 731kb (3 min on 56k dial-up)

4 Responses to “Vroom”

  1. a gravatar er Says:

    I love this game

  2. a gravatar BGB Says:

    Vroom is the one of the best games I have ever come across and is quite an exciting game and it was even better when the joy stick could be used….

  3. a gravatar help Says:

    every time i try to download it takes me to the top of the page

  4. a gravatar Manny C Says:

    The webpage cannot be found
    Can’t download the file.

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