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8 January 2007


 in 1989,Sports — bunnzy

Race! Race!

Don’t let looks fool you. This game is great! I have spent a good many years playing this game, and it’s been on ALL of my PC’s.

You can be one of four little cars in standard colours. Go blue!!! Your task is to race around the enormous number of levels, and win. Some levels are easy and have no checkpoints and no horrible things, yet some have do have them. You will have levels with checkpoints. You have to drive your car through the checkpoints (that can be in the darndest places!), and you have to go through the checkpoints in order. There are also directional arrows, that will give you a boost if you are going in the same direction, but also make it a little bit hard if you are going in the opposite. You will also see tornado’s, the tornado’s are evil and spin you around and spit you out, giving your other racers ground on you. There are other obstacles too, but you will have to wait and see 😉

The multiplayer aspect is similar to Slicks ‘n’ Slide. You have one keyboard and up to four players (mayhem!), and you use your skill or brute force on those around you to win.

As you race around the track little white spanners appear. You want the spanners! You crazily try and control your car towards them, ramming all the other cars, pushing the other players off the keyboard. YES! You get to the spanner first, you can therefore get better parts for your car, or rather, add points to the certain areas you have. You crash into the side and you bounce off the walls, you crash too hard however and you will end up bursting into flame. Helicopter, enter stage left! It zooms past you on the screen replacing your car with a nice new one. Of course at first this helicopter is damn slow, and the other racers gain on you, but as you collect spanners, you can increase that part of your setup, then before you know it that helicopter is zooming through the screen at breakneck speeds! (It’s a real laugh to see them zooming in real fast when you have all four of you ramming walls non-stop). You can also with the help of these magical spanners make your car faster and easier to handle! Yay, as these cars can be a bit much sometimes.

Did I mention that whilst there are more levels than you can count with the game, there is also a level editor? Yes, that’s right, you can make your own kickass levels, with as many obstacles as you want. It’s a great level editor to use as well, really easy. Just another sweet as function in a sweet as game!

The graphics are, umm, no comment :D. Admittedly they are not the best for the year this game was made, but the game itself more then makes up for it. I mean its small and fun!

This game is another in my top 10 kickass games of all time. Give it a shot, it’s a great laugh for multiplayer, and will provide endless fun.

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    Wow, I only found this site today. I was looking for interesting links to add for games, and thought to look for one for Race! I'm glad I did, as I have found out Carl Erikson was the developer of a few other shareware games I have played. How cool! Go and suss this site out, and have a look. This guy is a legend.


  • Designed by: Carl Erikson
  • Published by: Carl Erikson

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Size: 85kb (1 mins on 56k dial-up)

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