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8 January 2007

Ironman Offroad Racer

 in 1990,Sports — bunnzy

Ironman Offroad Racer Ironman Offroad Racer Ironman Offroad Racer

Oh yeah baby. Hehe, such an adorable game. If you’ve read my other reviews for Slicks, or Race you’ll probably begin to understand that I happen to have a soft spot for cute little racing games 😉

Ironman Offroad (a.k.a. Offroad) is so cool. You are these little offroad 4×4 things that race around the track. You bounce, crash, crash some more, hit walls, crash and then crash. It’s all good fun. You can have 1 v 1+ sharing the kb (see Slicks for multiplayer keyboard sharing strategies e.g. biting, pushing, yelling, stealing the keyboard and running away). Groovy baby 😉

This game has a lot of options when it comes to playing. You can play against the computer with up to 4 players total, you can play against others on the same keyboard as mentioned above. You can do one race, or a championship.

Oh, did I mention the nitro? NITRO!! You hit the nitro button; out comes some smoke and brooooom, you get a nitro boost. Of course nitro is not free, so as you travel around the tracks, you can get money, and special stuff.

It’s got great graphics and sound for its time. Little cute cars etc. It’s a lot like Micro Machines with its little trucks.

Ironman Offroad Racer Ironman Offroad RacersIronman Offroad Racer

Note from Marrsy : She’s right, this game kicks arse. Download it!

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Ironman Offroad Racer

  • Published by: Virgin

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Size: 299kb (1 mins on 56k dial-up)

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