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6 January 2007

California Games

 in 1988,Sports — bunnzy

California Games California Games

Hehe, this game is so much fun! My BMX buddies used to always come around and play the BMX one when it was too rainy for us to go out 🙂 We got really really good at it, and also at the hacky (footbag) game as well.

California games can be compared to the Olympics, a collection of events you compete in (on a not so grand scale of course!). You can compete in sports events such as skateboarding, footbag (hacky), surfing, roller-skating, frisbee and BMX.

I have to say that my favorite event of the game was BMX. But I think you already knew that. I could do forward and back flips, plus all kinds of neat tricks, and actually make it to the end of the track. It was so much fun, dodging logs and rocks and things that looked like dead people but probably weren’t. Second was the surfing, now that was fun, I was getting pretty good at that too, the panel of judges giving me great scores! Footbag was another one that was great! I liked trying to hit the seagull that was flying around above me with the footbag 😀 Roller-skating was fun, the guys whistling at you as you skated past, and then you fall on your ass because you keep tripping over stuff. It was a great game! Wow, I see that I only like things I’m good at well don’t try telling me that you are any different.

The things I was bad at, or didn’t like were the skateboarding and frisbee. I was completely lame at both. In the skateboarding, I always ended up going up one side, then up the other then not as far up the first, even lower on the next side, slowly ebbing down into a standstill, then falling on my arse. You get the idea 😉 I just couldn’t make that damn thing move! The frisbee, well I always jumped in the opposite direction and all through my years of playing this game, I only caught the damn frisbee once!

The sound and graphics were great, especially for a 1988 game. Just your average PC speaker sounds, but when you hit the seagull * giggle *. The game was great to look at, you weren’t hindered in your events by crappy graphics, like some games have.

I thoroughly recommend this game! Hours and hours of fun are in store for you if you give it a shot, its so much fun! 🙂

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California Games

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9 Responses to “California Games”

  1. a gravatar Stephen Says:

    This game was awesome! Unlike Bunny, i was the best at the Skateboarding and Frisbee (actually called Flying Disc in the game). I managed to find the correct technique to get it 🙂

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