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7 January 2007

Transport Tycoon Deluxe

 in 1995,Simulation — gord

Transport Tycoon Deluxe Transport Tycoon Deluxe Transport Tycoon Deluxe

Well what can I say, this is one of my favourite games of all time, mainly cos it rocks. But I suppose you want a more detailed review thing… slave driver 😛

Transport tycoon is a game made in 1995, created by Chris Sawyer (the creator of lots of great games including Roller Coaster Tycoon). If you have played any of the “tycoon” series then you should know that the basic premise is to have a tycoon and make like lots of the green stuff, moola, cash, quid, stuff that makes you go wheeeeee. You start off with a landscape that covers a sizeable area. The area will have a good amount of industries that produce goods (e.g. a Iron ore mine makes iron ore), your job is to build links from one industry to the next using either road, rail, ship or air. You also have to make sure your taking the right stuff to the right place, e.g. iron ore to the steel mill and then the steel mill can make steel so the steel needs to be transported to the factory which can make the products and can be transported to towns surrounding towns. You can have disasters such as a little flying saucer that will come along, fly around for a while n crash land on something (usually a bus). The government will also supply subsidies for taking certain stock from one place to another. You get 4 modes of play to well, play as :D. the basic one that was used in transport tycoon, then a mountain terrain, desert terrain and a toy land terrain, all with there own different vehicles, graphics and industry’s

But its of course a little bit more involved than that, being part of a tycoon means you must be able to control your surroundings by using money right? Incomes the money part, you can do things like Buy shares in your Opponents (or if your thinking really adventures you could just buy the company out), give money to the towns to give you exclusive transport rights to that town, fund new industries n stuff like that.

This game also has support for network play which is loots of fun (iv spent hours upon hours playing over the network I have here at home with my brother). I admit the graphics are not the best in the world (seeing as this was made in 95, they could have been a lot better) but I guess they are pretty smooth n hell once you get into it you don’t notice. The music is pretty funky (think jazz :)) You also get a world editor included with the game, very funky indeed ;).

I personally love this game to bits and I urge you to download it at least as its part of your heritage dammit hehe 😉

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Transport Tycoon Deluxe

  • Designed by: Chris Sawyer
  • Published by: MicroProse

9 Responses to “Transport Tycoon Deluxe”

  1. a gravatar Nick Says:

    Good Game

  2. a gravatar WARPIG Says:

    This is a great game. Easy to learn fun to play. Good options Score.

  3. a gravatar yoyo Says:


  4. a gravatar tycoon Says:

    this is one of the most adictive games ever

  5. a gravatar Smallone Says:

    I love this game very much.

    I cannot stop once I have started the game.

    It is great PC Game.

  6. a gravatar josh Says:

    i love all chris sawyers stuff,its so creative and addicting, if you like this game, he made a very similar game called Locomotion (you have to buy it though). I recommend that if you liked this.

  7. a gravatar Mitchell Says:

    Great Game! I always come back to playing this game even with the new ones out there. Nothing can touch this for gameplay.

  8. a gravatar asw Says:


  9. a gravatar einstein Says:

    Where is the link?

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