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18 March 2007

Lunar Command

 in 1993,Simulation — bunnzy

box-cover.jpg Lunar Command Lunar Command Lunar Command

Lunar Command is a newer version of Moonbase that can run on your modern PC. I had a dig around and really, I can see no difference except for I think maybe airlocks weren’t available in the other version, but I’m not sure. Plus,it now runs on computers properly and the menu’s are in English as opposed to gibberish.

Lunar Command like Moonbase was not very popular, yet is one of the best sim games I have ever played. You create a base on the moon and then mine minerals (or create electronics and material) which you sell back to earth. You have to get producing/mining goods to sell right away because NASA withdraw their support very early on in your mission.

I’ve added the manual as a link below which I got from HOTU. I figured I could redirect you over there to get it and you can, visit www.the-underdogs.info or you can save their bandwidth and download it here. 🙂

View my Moonbase review for further information about this game.

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Lunar Command

  • Published by: Mallard Software
  • Designed by: Wesson International

Download Now »

Size: 3497kb (12 min on 56k dial-up)


18 Responses to “Lunar Command”

  1. a gravatar Bunny Abandonware » Moonbase Says:

    […] This game was released a few years later as Lunar Command, which will run on a modern PC. I recommend downloading this version instead. […]

  2. a gravatar Bunny Abandonware » Howdy folks :) Says:

    […] Another great game added. I have added Lunar Command which is a newer but identical version of Moonbase from the same creators. It’s basically just updated to run on newer PC’s. Yet, it was still 15 years ago, so it’s not _that_ new […]

  3. a gravatar Jason Says:

    Awesome I love this game!! Did anyone get it to run in Windowed Mode? I dont want it running full screen at work 😉

    If so what DOS settings did you use? I have DOSBox installed however it keeps crashing in it.

    Email jasoncornellier@hotmail.com


  4. a gravatar Jason Cornellier Says:

    OK Has anyone got this working! Please help I am desperate to live in the past and play this game!

  5. a gravatar Joshua Says:

    Where is the water I can’t find H2O in any of the large craters , and I’m not sure if I’m using the ‘exploration missions’ correctly . I don’t get any feedback as to what is in the ground at the site of the flag!?!? I also have to hold down the ‘Alt’ key and press ‘F’ for file , ‘V’ for view ,’Tab’ key to select from Hab Mods, scientific, manufacturing,ect. I would really like to find a complete manual to this game since I have become addicted to it. Also I,m not sure what the benefits of roads are or where to place them. I have more info and questions if anybody replies.

  6. a gravatar Joshua Says:

    Jason, I do not know how to run it in a box , but if you press the ‘Windows Key’ you will return to Windows , hopefully before your boss sees what your NOT doing,lol.

  7. a gravatar DAvid Says:

    Mouse wont work in XP please Help..

  8. a gravatar George Says:

    Zip magic says the DOS executable file is corrupt. Is there a fix for this?

  9. a gravatar Andy Says:

    It’s interesting to build one base after reading through the manual, but after that there really isn’t much of a point in continuing or replaying.

  10. a gravatar Vorticon Says:

    Relatively fun game for the first few rounds. I have never found any water -ever- and the roads are utterly useless and do not affect gameplay in any way. Once you have a decent set of facilities and a good amount of income flow however, then there is really no point in continuing play as it gets pretty routine.
    Nice manual, but I can see why this game did not catch on as it has very little replay value except maybe the way you setup your base.

  11. a gravatar bunnzy Says:

    I have very rarely found water either!

    Unsure how to run in windowed mode, are you using DOSBox? Full credit for being able to play games at work, I wish I could get away with it haha!

    This game is absolutely fantastic ;D

  12. a gravatar bendingo Says:

    I loved the original “Moonbase” when I was a kid. I remember restarting again and again, spending all my starting cash on crater exploration, and restarting if I couldn’t find water (only maybe 10% of maps had it).

    Sometimes there was water in a crater too small to build an ice mine, arrrgh!

    But the water only made a difficult startup a little bit easier, it didn’t make much difference in the long run.

  13. a gravatar Robert Says:

    I loved this game when I owned it!

    But now that I’ve rediscovered it, how do I get it to install/run on windows 7?

  14. a gravatar Robert Says:

    Hi bunnzy,

    I’ve never used dosbox before, but I have now downloaded and installed it. Sooo… How do I start moonbase?

    Yes, I need some step by step instructions here.


  15. a gravatar bunnzy Says:

    Hi Robert, have you read the readme that came with DOSBox? http://dosbox.cvs.sourceforge.net/dosbox/dosbox/README?view=markup

    Basically…. you have DOSBox isntalled. You have the game unpacked in a folder somewhere waiting for you to play it.

    What you need to do is “mount” that folder in DOSBox e.g. “mount C E:\games” will create a C:\ in DOSBox that points to your E:\games folder. DOSBox will then think it’s a drive and you can then run the .exe (game file) in there using your DOS commands.

    Are you familiar with DOS? I hate to tell you how to suck eggs if you already know what I’m talking about. But I may as well be explicit:

    1. download Lunar Command. Unzip into a folder like C:\games\lunar
    2. download and install DOSBox
    3. open DOSBox and mount the C:\games\lunar as a drive, any letter will do “mount W: C:\games\lunar”
    4. navigate to the new W:\ in DOSBox by typing “W:”
    5. run the game by typing in the name of the file with the .exe or .bat extension (I can’t check as I can’t download zip files here at work)

    I hope this helps. There are commands in DOSBox to speed up and slow down the games. Have a look at the wiki for some useful information: http://www.dosbox.com/wiki/Main_Page

    Email me or post here if you have any other questions or if I haven’t made any sense! 🙂


  16. a gravatar Robert Says:


    Thanks for the tutorial. I’ll give it a try in the next few days, hopefully, and let you know how things turn out.


  17. a gravatar chris Says:

    Mouse wont work in XP please Help..
    really want to play

  18. a gravatar Gideon Marcus Says:

    Airlocks appear to be the only difference I see — they give you more flexibility in base layout.

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