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5 January 2007

688 Attack Sub

 in 1989,Simulation — bunnzy

688 Attack Sub 688 Attack Sub 688 Attack Sub

I can remember playing this game many years ago on the SEGA Megadrive (Genesis machine for you yanks). I can’t say i’m really a big fan of sub games or simulations in general but I found 688 attack sub to be a very playable and enjoyable game.

The plot is simple fare, you are the captain of either an American or Soviet sub and must play through a series of increasingly difficult missions. Graphics-wise the game was quite good for it’s time, some of the fractal effects especialy were impressive. Those who like to tplay things at a slow, tactical pace will especialy like the game, and with many ways to complete each mission it’s likely that you will through the game again when you finish it.

Overall an enjoyable game, although maybe not one that will appeal to everyone.

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688 Attack Sub

  • Designed by: Electronic Arts
  • Published by: Electronic Arts

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Size: 570kb (2 min on 56k dial-up)


2 Responses to “688 Attack Sub”

  1. a gravatar Wren Says:

    I remember this game on the Sega Genesis. Link is missing a letter y.

  2. a gravatar scary games for kids Says:

    I really like this game. Especially when I’m boread

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