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7 January 2007


 in 1990,Role Playing (RPG) — bunnzy

Zeliard Zeliard Zeliard

Zeliard was originally published in Japan in 1987; Sierra released it in the United State in 1990.

It was intended to be a solo-player RPG, but most of the time it’s a platform adventure game. It has some great RPG parts, like when you go into the Weapon and Armour Shop and purchase new weapons or repair your old ones etc. In the other parts of the game you’re pretty much scrolling sideways and enjoying a really nice looking platform game. In my opinion, it’s a good balance of both, and thoroughly enjoyable.

This is a really nice game to look at, the colours are good (EGA) and the layout is simple and unique. When you get to the parts of the game with scenery, the scenery is drawn really well. Even the scenery in CGA is rather nice! They sure knew how to make the best with what they had.

Sound: PC speaker!!

The weapons, spells, simplistic character building, a good storyline and such cute graphics make for a really fun game. Plus, who doesn’t want to save a princess?

Bonus, you can use a joystick if you want – yay.

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  • Published by: Sierra On-Line, Inc.
  • Designed by: Game Arts

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Size: 538kb (2 min on 56k dial-up)


3 Responses to “Zeliard”

  1. a gravatar onlyoneinall Says:

    It actually can use the Sound Blaster too, which really heightens the atmosphere especially in the caverns. Great game! I still play this from time to time.

  2. a gravatar Elfdragon Says:

    Actually u can reconfigure the sound if u run the installer…..i uses it on an Roland MT-32 Emulator…..almost sounds like its real music…

  3. a gravatar John Matlewski Says:

    Just wanted to say that this site is one of the greatest sites there are. I like playing all of these old games.

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