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7 January 2007


 in 1984,Role Playing (RPG) — bunnzy

Starflight Starflight Starflight

01-01-46 20

You are about to embark on your first mission. In your bank account you will the amount of 12.000 monetary units (M.U.) This money is to be spent training your crew, configuring your ship, and purchasing any necessary materials.
Of course you may wish to leave some portion of this in the bank to earn interest. This is acceptable. At this stage of the operation our primary concern is to gather information. Consequently your objectives are –

  1. Seek out and explore strange new worlds
  2. Boldly go where no man has gone before
  3. Establish contact with any sentients
  4. Capture and bring back any none sentient lifeforms
  5. Record alien lifeform data.
  6. Bring back alien artifacts
  7. Bring back any valuable minerals (including Endurium)
  8. Keep from getting brutally killed.

We have little information to offer on what you might find. We suggest, however, that you avoid the area of space around the coordinates 135:84, since that is where we lost contact with two of our earlier ships.
Scout reports indicate a high density of minerals in the mountanous regions of the innermost planet of our system.
Further, we have found information that leads us to believe that there may be some ruins of the old empire at coordinates 17N x 162E on the second planet of the neighbouring K-Class system.
We have also recived some indication of alien activity in the system 175:94.

Good luck, and a safe return.


This is the third review i’ve tried to do of this game – I’ve discovered that every time I try to write about a game I like (really, really like in this case) I get a strange sort of mental-block. So forgive me if this review doesn’t do justice to the game.

Starflight is an almost perfect mix of space adventure, strategy and RPG. So much so that it still has a HUGE following to this day – almost 13 years after it’s release (see the links at the bottom of the screen and you’ll se what I mean.)

In this game you play the crew (yes the WHOLE crew) of a starship on voyage of discovery – in fact the game is a big rip off of the whole “Boldly go where no man has gone before” thing from Star Trek, except that in this game much of your exploring involves finding the funds needed to upgrade your ship and train your crew. These are acquired by landing on a planets surface and collecting as many precious metals/materials as you can find, then selling them on at the starbase trade depot. Later you get caught up in an incredibly interesting storyline (more interesting than mining planets anyway), but I don’t want to mention too much about that. One of the joys of this game is discovering things for yourself, and i want you to get as much out of it as I have.

The other thing in this games favour is the wide variety of Alien races you will meet – some friendly, some wanting to blast your ship into a million different sparkly bits. When you encounter aliens you will be taken to the ships communication screen. What happens next is dependent on how well trained your comms officer is. A highly trained officer will be able to translate alien speech into perfect English – if you have a poorly trained officer then you could be left with nothing more than a series of grunts and clicks. Depending on how well you do when communicating with aliens you may receive useful information or better, or you could end up having to fight for your life.

This is as close to a perfect game as I have ever found, and if you like your games deep and long lasting then I HIGHLY recommend you download it.

Starflight Starflight Starflight
Extra Info:

You may have problems running this game on a newer computer system because the game relies so heavily on clock speeds. I have tried to compile as much info. on getting the Starflight games working (the document will be available above just as soon as I upload it), but if that doesn’t help you then try the Interstel Comm Centre (link at the bottom of the screen) a great Starflight forum.

You must save the game when quiting starflight (press esc) or the game will corrupt itself.

The “quit without saving” in Starflight 1 does not work and will corrupt your game files

Enjoy 🙂

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  • Designed by: Binary Systems
  • Published by: Electronic Arts


2 Responses to “Starflight”

  1. a gravatar Michelle Connor Says:

    Hi there! I just wanted to say thanks for noting this awesome game! I played it as a kid and was delighted to find it again.

    However, a note: the link for the “crack” is not working.


  2. a gravatar Scott Says:

    This is a cool game I played years ago, you will need a clock slowing utility in order to play it. The original had 2 floppy 51/2 inch discs one was a play disk the other a save disk. that may be the reason for the game corrupting itself. You will need to do some batch file magic to rename files in order to play saved games. This game is very good and you can play for weeks.

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