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10 January 2007


 in 1987,Role Playing (RPG) — Marrsy

Elite Elite Elite

Command your Cobra space ship in a fantastic voyage of discovery and adventure, a supreme test of your combat, navigational and entrepreneurial skills.

Trade between countless planets, using the proceeds to equip your ship with heat-seeking missiles, beam lasers and other weapons – corporate states can be approached without risk, but unruly anarchies may be swarming with space pirates.

Black market trading can be lucrative but could result in skirmishes with local police and a price on your head!

However you make your money, by fair means or foul, you must blast onwards through space annihilating pirate ships and hostile aliens as you strive to earn your reputation as one of the Elite!

The following statement is by no means an exageration, or solely my opinion:

Elite is quite possibly the best game ever created, a masterpiece of design and gameplay.

While the game is immense (remember that word!) the concept is simple: you are a freelance space pilot… that’s it! The game has 8 galaxies to explore, each containing approximately 500 unique planets. You can be a choose to be a trader and ferry goods between worlds, or a pirate who attacks ships and takes their cargo. Or a bounty hunter, or an asteroid miner or… you get the idea 😉 Earn money, upgrade your ship, undertake missions, maybe even go after the evil Thargoids (the big bad aliens in the game). What you do is entirely up to you.

Elite Elite

Emulation fans may want to try out the original BBC Micro version of the game, or the Archimedes version – regarded by many (myself included) as the best version. Or if you’d rather stick to the PC version then get a copy of Elite +, the remake that has updated graphics and sound.

This game truly is a classic, two thumbs and a leg up!

Elite Elite Elite

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  • Designed by: Realtime Games
  • Published by: Firebird

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