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7 January 2007

Dungeon Master

 in 1989,Role Playing (RPG) — Marrsy

Dungeon Master Dungeon Master

I remember playing this many years ago on my Atari ST (great computer :)). Dungeon master is a real time, first person RPG, really easy to get into to very difficult to master. Whe it comes to writing a review for DM I’m hesitant to say the least, because i’m not quite sure that I can do the game justice (i’ve read about 6 reviews by other people for inspiration, so you may see some smiliarities to them popping up).

But here goes 🙂

The Story:

“As the story unfolds, your master, the Grey Lord, was seeking the Power Gem. Through dark experiments he finally gained what he saught, or so he believed. What he wasn’t prepared for was the incredible power of the Magicks involved; he rends himself in two and tears the world apart. The Grey Lord now exists as two distinct entities. One of these forces, Lord Chaos, has taken it upon himself to bring the world under his iron grip, while the opposing life force Lord Librasulus has come to you to help restore order.

Various attempts have been made to bring down Lord Chaos; all have failed. The doomed heroes who attempted this task were have been within the “Hall of Champions.” In a last ditch effort your master has awakened your life force to rescue four heroes and lead them against the Darkness. It is up to you to enter the Hall, revive four champions and lead them into the depths of the dungeon, to find the Firestaff, the one object with the power to defeat Chaos and restore order”

As I said before DM is very easy to get into. At the beginning of the game you must choose your party of adventurers by clicking on portraits in the Hall of Champions, once you have a combination that you are happy with it’s off on your quest. While in the dungeon it is important to remember the basics – food and water are essential, carrying too much equiptment will make you fatigued and unable to function effectively, basic stuff reallt 🙂

As your quest progresses you gain experience points for each monster you defeat (it’s a dungeon, of course there are monsters). Once you have enough experience points you gain a level in an of four classes – ninja, fighter, priest and wizard. The great thing is that each character is not limited to one class only, so one of your party can be a level 1 wizard and a level 4 fighter.

The equiptment you find in the dungeon also has different benefits depending on class or skill. So a certain sword be cause more damage in the hands of a high level ninja than anyone else. It really makes the game more interesting.

One thing that really stands out about the game is the magic (sorry, magick) system. Each spell is composed of upto four symbols or runes – a power symbol which determines how powerful the spell is and how much mana it will use up, an elemental symbol, and an action symbol. It means that you get to experiment with differnt combinations of runes and that you can attempt to cast any spell at any time, all that will happen if it is too powerful is that the words “need more practice” will flash up on the screen. It’s a great system it adds a whole new level to the game.

I want to wrap this up so i’ll just quickly mention the games intuitive interface, interesting monsters, huge range of weaponry and equiptment. It’s a great game folks and if you have even the slightest interest in dungeon RPGs then you must give Dungeon Master a try.

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Dungeon Master

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    one of the best r p g’s on any computer, it has plenty of depth and a lot of bad guys and puzzels to get through, real ace

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