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6 January 2007


 in 1991,Role Playing (RPG) — Marrsy

Bloodwych Bloodwych Bloodwych

Right, before we get cracking I want to ask you a quick question.

Have you, or have you not ever played the classic role-playing romp by the name of Dungeon Master?
If you answered no then sod off now because you are making my job harder than it has to be. I don’t want to have to explain what that classic game was (I cannot BELIEVE you never played it) because it deserves a page.. nay a site all to itself.

You fool!

If you answered yes then read on 🙂

Bloodwych is a dungeony, mazey, party-based RPG in the style of Dungeon Master (aren’t you glad that you know what i’m talking about?). It has a more dumbed-down feel to it than dungeon master did, the puzzles are either entirely based on combat or are painfully simple. Also the magic system has been dumbed-down and now relies on colour codes (remember the runes from dungeon master?) – the whole game has an arcadey feel and just isn’t as rewarding as Dungeon Master.

The one welcome addition is a split screen two player mode, where each player takes control of a party of four characters. However, this does mean that the already poor quality of the graphics is greatly reduced when they squashed down to a smaller screen.

Hehe maybe i’m not the best person to review this game after all (if you can do a better job, then by all means send a review in) but nothing will ever live up to Dungeon Master in my eyes.

That is all folks 🙂

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  • Designed by: Mirrorsoft
  • Published by: Konami

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Size: 371kb (2 min on 56k dial-up)

7 Responses to “Bloodwych”

  1. a gravatar VeggieManUK Says:

    Remember this game from My ST\Amiga Days, Finished it in 3 days, easier than DM and CSB even though its larger, not as good either but still worth a go if you like your DM Style games.

  2. a gravatar -=+BadMrFrosty+=- Says:

    Bloodwych – a dungeon master clone in which you can control 2 players. . . and it ROCKS!!! Devious puzzles, as well as 2 player fighting make it the rpg of choice from the early 90’s. NOTE, this game is HUGE!! much bigger than DM, and you’ll be lucky to finish it.

  3. a gravatar FOOLY Says:

    This game sucks!

  4. a gravatar Iryka Says:

    This game is great because we can play with someone else. Well DM and CSB are better for graphic but this game is the only one who permitt to play withanother player 🙂

  5. a gravatar MadMunky Says:

    This is a excellent game, thanks for the link to my site which has now been taken down but will return one day!

  6. a gravatar bunnzy Says:

    Aww this game doesn’t suck! I hope your site comes back soon MadMunky. I’ll leave the link to it for now. 🙂

  7. a gravatar scary sleepover games Says:

    Bloodwych is one of my first rpg game that I play. Not bad for my time.

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