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21 January 2009


 in 1992,Puzzle — bunnzy

A simple concept really. This game generates wordfind puzzles, like you used to do in your mums Woman’s Weekly. 🙂

Wordquest Wordquest Wordquest

There are over 100 different categories of words which you can select from, plus this game also has a special function – you can create your own word lists to use. There is a manual included in the game, plus a small manual available below with instructions.

By default the puzzles are quite large, and it can be a bit time consuming trying to differentiate the letters in that oldschool font. A great feature of this programme is that you can save your games and continue them later.

You can configure the puzzles so they are a bit smaller, use different colours etc. If you are playing on the screen you can have from 10×10 to 24×50 letters. You can also play print games (it’ll send the puzzle to the printer) ranging from 10×10 to 40×80. If you want to keep those kids busy then just generate a random puzzle to the printer. Great for making wordfind books for your Nana too.

Wordquest Wordquest Wordquest

I have made a small text file with the keys to use. I was playing this game on a laptop and there was no numberpad. It pays to know the keys if you’re going to be discovering words diagonally. 🙂

If you play in DOSBox then I recommend playing this game fullscreen, otherwise you might end up straining your eye-balls!

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  • Published by: Jeffrey Fullerton
  • Designed by: Jeffrey Fullerton

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Size: 73kb (1 mins on 56k dial-up)


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