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8 January 2007


 in 1984,Puzzle — bunnzy

Sokoban Sokoban Sokoban

Ah Sokoban, the mother of many clones. The concept of this game was so simple, yet so original and perfectly puzzling that the game stood out in the puzzle game crowd. I used to play this for hours on end, and when I got a windows clone, I would make my own levels.

The situation is you are given a room, with walls all over the place, and you have to move the boxes onto the diamonds. Of course boxes can get trapped and then you can’t move them anymore, and you have to start again. When you get all the boxes placed on the diamonds then you progress to the next level. See? The concept is simple, but is the game simple? No way! Even the first level makes you think, and by the time you get to the fourth level you can just envisage what the 50th will be like! Woe is you indeed. But you go red in the face, drink 100L of Coca-Cola and you persevere!

The graphics leave a lot to be desired, but what can you expect from an early 80’s game? You’ll still get addicted even if the colours make you feel a bit wasted ;).

You HAVE to play this game, it’s the original and can’t be beat. It’s the mother of all puzzle games!

Sokoban Sokoban Sokoban

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  • Designed by: Ascii Corp.
  • Published by: Spectrum HoloByte

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Size: 84kb (1 mins on 56k dial-up)

2 Responses to “Sokoban”

  1. a gravatar x Says:

    it’s frustrating when stumbling over it some 15yrs later, one has to recognize he seems to be some kind of idiot coz things back than were that much easier. or is it just the mind that gets slower. argh

  2. a gravatar fritz Says:

    hi, wantz to play sokoban but doesn´t run on sh** windows 7. is there a solution? a trick? or is ther a 64 bit version available? thanks for answer

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