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13 January 2009


 in 1990,Puzzle — bunnzy

Klax Klax Klax

This game was really popular in the arcades over here. Fortunately the PC version isn’t a lame imitation, it was developed the same as the arcade version. I’m glad they did make it for Atari, Amiga and DOS because it’s so damn addictive.

Klax Klax Klax

This game is like tetris with a twist. If you aren’t good at 3D or distinguishing colours then you’re gonna be in trouble. The blocks come down a conveyer belt towards you, and you have to collect them and deposit them into the slots below. Sort of like Tubes! However you can only hold a certain amount before they start slipping through. You can only let three slip through and then the level is over. You do get a few chances however. But you’re going to need them for the harder levels. 🙂

You are given tasks which you need to complete, such as getting 3 sets of diagonals or 10,000 points. As you play the levels they get faster, so the sooner you accomplish the tasks the better.

I really did enjoy this game. I ended up playing it for hours! Tetris is one of the best games ever made (I have about three different versions on my cellphone). So, if you enjoy tetris, you’ll love this game. 🙂

Klax Klax Klax

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  • Published by: Domark Software, Inc.
  • Designed by: Atari Games Corporation

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Size: 551kb (2 min on 56k dial-up)

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