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6 January 2007

The Blues Brothers

 in 1990,Platform — Marrsy

The Blues Brothers The Blues Brothers The Blues Brothers

Your typical jump ‘n’ run platform game, based on the characters of the same name. The plot is inconsequential (something about your record collection being stolen) all you need to know is that you take on the role of either Jake or Elwood Blues and um… jump ‘n’ run through various levels, avoiding baddies and collecting stuff as you go.

It’s a tried and tested, and therefore not very original formula.

The best thing about the game (casting my mind back to wehn I owned it on the Atari ST) is the ingame music. If you’ve seen anything from the comedy duo before (sketches, movies) then it will all be very familiar to you, and I have to admit that the choons are damn catchy.

*hums* eeeeeevvvvvverybody, neeeeeeeeds somebody, eeeeeeeeevery bodddy, neeeeeeds somebody to lov…

um.. yeeeeeeah, back to the review…

(btw, the music of the PC version just cannot compare to that of the ST or Amiga games, download the MOD music provided above and you’ll see).

The graphics are average, nicely drawn sprites and recognisable backdrops – useable but nothing out of the ordinary. The game is fun for the first few levels but like most games of this type it gets repetitive and somewhat boring quite fast. It’s a good game if you just want a quick blast, but don’t expect to want to stay up all night playing it.

Fun, but nothing special.

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The Blues Brothers

  • Published by: Titus Interactive

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