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8 January 2007

Nebulus (AKA Tower Toppler)

 in 1987,Platform — bunnzy

Nebulus (AKA Tower Toppler) Nebulus (AKA Tower Toppler) Nebulus (AKA Tower Toppler)

Another one of those wee cute arcade games that I love. This is in some ways a side-scrolling platform, but as it scrolls sideways it kind of goes upwards. Dang, I feel dizzy thinking about it. You’ll have to wait and see 😉

In this adventure you are Pogo, the small green dude. Eight towers have been thrust up out of the sea and it’s your job to blow them to bits. You have to get to the top of each tower in order to do this, after which you move onto the next tower.

But on the way up to the top of each tower is where you do the actual game playing. Firstly there is the steps you have to climb. They all over the place and you have to find your way to the top. Then there are enemies to jump over and kill with your snowballs (you must have the coldest hands ever!). There are annoying blocks and bouncing things which you have to shoot or run away from, plus other enemies too which you can only stun or just turn around and leg it.

Just to add a bit more tension to your game is the counter. That’s right, those nasty folks have made a time limit on how long you have to make it to the top of the towers and get that self destruct triggered. Plus you only have three lives so you kind of have to race against time but also be pretty careful.

The graphics are old, but they look pretty good 🙂 This game has EGA as an option as well as CGA woohoo! This of course makes the enemies a bit easier to see. And you might even be able to tell what they are! The sound is typical PC speaker scary sounds, but as usualy you get used to them 🙂

It’s a fun game and takes an original approach to that whole side-scrolling genre. I’m not good with games that make me rush against time, but give it a shot.

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Nebulus (AKA Tower Toppler)

  • Designed by: John Phillips
  • Published by: Hewson

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Size: 86kb (1 mins on 56k dial-up)

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  1. a gravatar MaRRsY Says:

    That green spinny thingie pishes me off!!!

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