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8 January 2007

Lode Runner

 in 1983,Platform — bunnzy

Note: The download includes 2 versions of the original, plus another version which has been patched to run on modern computers with no slow down tool needed. If you prefer to use a slow down tool, you can get one from our utilities page.

Lode Runner Lode Runner Lode Runner

Lode Runner, oh what a classic, and you thought I had no taste! This is one of the first games I was ever exposed to (except for those classic C64 games I woffle on about ;)).

My very first memory of this game being about 7 or 8 years old, sitting in the study at Maree’s house under a blanket with her with my pink pajama’s on. They had just got their brand spanking new ATARI? We used to stay up until like 10pm (boy did we think we were naughty for that!). Then we used to go to bed, and get up at some ungodly hour and get playing again in the mornings. Pfft, and you thought only boys had gaming sleepovers ;).

Lode Runner a good puzzle-meet-action game. 50 levels packed with action! I guess one reason I really love the game Jumpman was because it reminds me a lot of Lode Runner. This is your traditional climb-the-ladder game as you run around collecting boxes. You dig holes and trap the enemies which are, well, dumb enemies to put it nicely. You also dig holes to get yourself through parts of levels. You have to be careful though, because the holes do fill up, and that will trap your enemy, but it can also trap you. You can manipulate enemies (due to their stupidity to your advantage a lot, and also the holes you dig (get strategic with them ;)).

Did I mention the funky level editor? Why yes, there is a level editor, and you can create your own custom levels when you’ve conquered the 50 that are included. This is a great addition to the game, making it basically never ending. You can download the level editor as an extra above. Go on, knock yerself out 😉

The graphics were what you would expect for a 1983 game, nothing spectacular, typical CGA. You can make out everything in the screen, which is what is necessary. You can see ladders, enemies, boxes, ground and yourself. What more could you need? I haven’t experience Lode Runner with sound, but expect your typical PC speaker to rock the casbar (or drive you spare).

I totally recommend you have a go at this game. It’s a classic, one of the best in its class. I have many fond memories associated with it, and it’s just a brilliant game.

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Lode Runner

  • Designed by: Doug Smith, Doug Green
  • Published by: Brøderbund

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Size: 147kb (1 mins on 56k dial-up)


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