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8 January 2007

Livingstone I Presume

 in 1988,Platform — bunnzy

Livingstone I Presume Livingstone I Presume Livingstone I Presume

Another great game from Opera Soft, the makers of Goody (that naughty little burglar dude). Opera Soft was a Spanish company and could be relied on to make great cute platform games. Ones that appealed to girls especially! Plus who couldn’t rely on a software company who had Berk on their team? I mean dang, Infocom eat your heart out 😛

This game is also known as “Livingstone Supongo” (in Spanish I guess), but you might know it better as “Livingstone I presume” (English of course!).

In this game you are the journalist called Henry Morton Stanley. He is known as the guy who spent 8 months travelling around and through Africa to find Dr Livingstone. The doctor had been missing for over 3 years, but was found in great health in a small African village. He wasn’t lost at all but had been detained as he had gotten sick and was short of supplies. The famous “Dr Livingstone I presume?” phrase comes from when Stanley found the doctor and didn’t quite know what to say to him.

This game is a lot like the actual task was. You are to journey around in Africa and find Dr Livingstone. (Except I assume you are not an arrogant pompous git like that Stanley guy was 😉 Hehe). So you are in this side-scrolling action adventure. Who knows what could happen in the next screen? There are many jungle predators that want to eat you, and you must find the good doctor.

The graphics are great, and the sound is your typical PC speaker.

Overall its got great gameplay, and isn’t as predictable as you would want it to be.

The Opera Soft Team:

Operasoft Team

Wow, check it out! I never knew that Berk was a member of the Opera Soft team. 😀 Stay away from that trapdoor Guys!

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Livingstone I Presume

  • Designed by: Opera Soft
  • Published by: Opera Soft

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Size: 33kb (1 mins on 56k dial-up)

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  1. a gravatar Giovanni Says:

    “Suppongo” is ITALIAN! 🙂 That was my first game .. uhm, more than 20 years ago! 🙁

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