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10 January 2007


 in 1987,Platform — bunnzy

Goody Goody

A nice little side-scrolling platform game. Goody features you as a crazy little burglar guy, who bounds around the place collecting tools for his task to rob the big bank. While you are jumping around though, you have to look out for the policeman, and other various enemies that you’ll encounter. Beware, some of them are rather…. Odd 😉

I had another little play of this game after it was added to the site. I couldn’t remember how hard it was to control him! The controls on this game are quite tricky, you use the a, z (up and down) and the o, p (left and right) keys if I remember right. Sure that isn’t too complicated, lots of games use those keys, but when it comes to jumping ARGH!! I think it hates me! You can only do running jumps, he will not jump up and across! Which can make things really difficult.

The graphics are ok, with their basic orange and green colouring. Monuments of Mars here we come. The pictures are all really cute, and it’s great for a 1987 game:)

This game is great apart from the fact that he just wont do what I instruct him to!

The Opera Soft Team:

Operasoft Team

Wow, check it out! I never knew that Berk was a member of the Opera Soft team. 😀 Stay away from that trapdoor Guys!

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  • Published by: Opera Soft
  • Designed by: Opera Soft

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Size: 34kb (1 mins on 56k dial-up)

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