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10 January 2007

Floppy Frenzy

 in 1982,Platform — bunnzy

Floppy Frenzy Floppy Frenzy

Oh wow, I was bumming around per usual and stumbled across this game. Floppy Frenzy is made by Windmill Software, who bought us such treasures as Digger.

Now this game takes me way back! I remember thinking this was the corniest and geekiest idea for a game ever. The developer probably was sitting at his desk going ‘uh duhhh what should I uhhh.. game.. uhhh what about duhhh oh wow a disk.. oh uhhh ooo sticker says no dust.. ohhh a game.. uhh duhh cool’ ;). Indeed, a skeptic I was, but I was given this game way back when variety was slim, so I played it, and to my surprise, I thought it was rather funky (even though it was a rather strange concept).

This game is cool! You are a magical (well, not magical as you are square) 5.25″ floppy disk, and your job is to get through each maze-like level avoiding all the things you see on those stickers that come with disks (magnets and dust being apparent in this situation). If you touch magnets
or dust, you shall be ruined like any God-fearing disk would be!

I think the perfect sequels would have been the 3.5″ Floppy Frenzy, followed by the ever-popular CD Frenzy, Zipdisk Frenzy and Removable Hard-drive frenzy. But I guess the demand was low, a real shame really *sniff*.

The graphics were in lovely shades of red, green and gold ? liken to Digger, and other Windmill Software classics. I cannot comment on the sounds, if any you can expect the lovely sounds of your PC speaker.

Overall, Floppy Frenzy *cringe* is a nice simple yet totally fun game. It’s so cool how all these old games top the stakes in game-play, even after all these years. (Boy do I feel old). At 50kb, you can give it a shot.

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Floppy Frenzy

  • Published by: Windmill Software

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Size: 48kb (1 mins on 56k dial-up)

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  1. a gravatar Marrsy Says:

    I have nothing to say about the title of this game.

    Nothing at all


    ’tis fun though

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