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7 January 2007

DJ Puffs Volcanic Capers

 in 1992,Platform — bunnzy

DJ Puffs Volcanic Capers DJ Puffs Volcanic Capers DJ Puffs Volcanic Capers

All your CD’s have been stolen and stashed all over Hawaii. It’s your task to go and find them, and get them back! For some unknown reason, stealing your CD’s will assist the badass in taking over the world. Hey, I just played the game; I wouldn’t know the logic behind it!

You can do what dragons to best and breathe fire at the enemies, singing them real nice like. You do this while running around the levels and collecting CD’s. You have to get a certain number of CD’s to progress to the next level. Generally DJ Puff is a lot like most platform games, and you can pretty much predict what to do.

The graphics are okay. You can see the enemies and it’s all pretty and colourful. I found it a little bit lame, but we can’t be expecting too much from the older games. The sound is ok too :), I give it a pass.

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DJ Puffs Volcanic Capers

  • Published by: Codemasters

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Size: 62kb (1 mins on 56k dial-up)


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