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6 January 2007

Big Top

 in 1983,Platform — bunnzy

Big Top Big Top

As a lifetime fan of Jumpman, Lode Runner and Jetpack, I just had to add this game to the site! 🙂

Welcome to the life of a clown, your task is to gather up all the hats on each level! After which you shall proceed to the next level. But as this is a clown game, the levels are known as ‘rings’. Clowns perform in rings not levels!

But.. before you think that’s all to it, there are indeed obstacles in your way. I’ve figured that you have to be quite strategic if you want to collect up all the hats. The evil clowns that are out to get you can be quite clever. You also really have to get the knack of jumping from platform to platform, as that can be quite tricky. As you progress up through the rings the game gets harder, the clowns get more evil, and your l33t jumping skillz need to improve.

Big Top sets itself apart from Jumpman by having each ring span onto two or more screens. I thought this was rather nifty myself :).

With sparkly CGA colours, and the PC speaker blatting out the sounds this game is all fun. The sounds aren’t too annoying, and the graphics are actually quite good considering the game is 20 years old at the time of this review.

Also, Big Top can be played with a joystick, if you think you can handle it!

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Big Top

  • Designed by: Michael Abrash
  • Published by: Funtastic

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Size: 190kb (1 mins on 56k dial-up)

3 Responses to “Big Top”

  1. a gravatar Alex Says:

    Wow, good for you.

    This brings back memories.
    When you got sick of BigTop, there was always BurgerTime! too.

  2. a gravatar Benny Jönsson Says:

    The best DOS-game I´ve ever played.
    Almost neurotic.

  3. a gravatar scary escape games Says:

    I don’t like Clowns so I won’t play this game. I recommend you to play my scary escape games

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