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6 January 2007

Arctic Adventure

 in 1991,Platform — bunnzy

Arctic Adventure Arctic Adventure Arctic Adventure

Yay, another game from Apogee. Yes, a four part mini series in the intense thriller called Arctic Adventure!! Woohoo! This game actually has a pretty neat story, and it makes sense to as why they would split it into four volumes.

Long, long ago there was a band of Vikings, who had collected a lot of treasure. They sailed to the Arctic to hide it, and on the way home they sank. They had made a map and it had been split into four and hidden around the arctic. When all the parts of the map had been found, they would point to where the treasure was hidden.

Presently, you are an archeologist, six months ago you found a Pharaohs tomb, but nobody takes you seriously. Other professionals in the field scoffed your find and called you a newbie with beginners luck. If you can find this treasure, or one part of the map then maybe you can prove people wrong. You will be a hero!

You venture off to the Arctic, in volume 1 of Arctic Adventure you will get the first part of the map should you make it to the end. Then in the second you will get the second part and so on. Pity me, when I was growing up, I only had part one and I have to tell you, having only one part of this four part game sucked big time.

This game is great for the enemies, as you slide your arse around, trying to avoid ice bullets, big boulders, Eskimo’s that look like monkeys, and strange looking purple things. Some levels are a real challenge, and will keep you cursing for hours. Oh, you have to love it! You have a gun and can shoot, but you have limited bullets.

The graphics are your classic CGA – magenta and pale blue. The sounds are PC speaker, but they are pretty cool for this game in my own humble opinion.

Go freeze your arse of and find those maps. Show them snotty professionals just what you’re made of! This is a great game you’ll love it. It’s fun whilst still being a challenge.

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Arctic Adventure

  • Designed by: George Broussard
  • Published by: Apogee

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Size: 269kb (1 mins on 56k dial-up)


2 Responses to “Arctic Adventure”

  1. a gravatar LUCKY 13 Says:

    Well I have been searching for the complete version of this game quite a long time. I have played shareware version from Apogee Software and found it quite funny. Now I have found it much by an occasion. But I will download it anyway and play it once again, on good old times. I think, considering its age, this game is quite attractive.

  2. a gravatar free scary games Says:

    Apogee doing a great job on creating games like this. Salute for a company like them.

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