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8 January 2007


 in 1991,First Person Shooter — Marrsy

Interphase Interphase

The following quote from Home of the Underdogs effectively sums up this game:

Interphase is an average action game from Mirrorsoft that disappointingly squanders the license of Neuromancer, classic cyberpunk novel it was based on.

Interphase is a first person shoot-em-up taking place in cyberspace (a visual simulation of the inside of a computer system). The problem is that it doesn’t know that it’s a FPS – it desperately wants to be a simulation or deep hacking game instead. But what it boils down to is that Interphase is a shoot-em-up just like Quake is a shoot-em-up. It has levels, obstacles and objectives just like any other FPS and it’s just a shame (for Interphase) that they probably forked out a hefty sum for the Neuromancer licence to produce this game.

Ok, enough of dumping on the game I think, lets be a bit more positive now because Interphase IS in fact, rather fun. As I said before the bulk of the game takes place in cyberspace with you being required to complete certain objectives – track down and destroy a bothersome piece of software or disable a security system for example. There are some quite interesting puzzles to solve in the game, thought they do get a little “samey”. The controls and interface can be a slightly awkward at times but it doesn’t affect the game too much.

All in all Interphase, while definately worth taking a look at, is nothing special. There are much better FPS’ and hacking games out there.

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2 Responses to “Interphase”

  1. a gravatar -=+BadMrFrosty+=- Says:

    Hey, I remember when this game came out as a freebee on some atari ST computer magazine (just before they stopped the practice of giving free games away, the rotters ;( ) A good little game, but nothing too special.

  2. a gravatar martin5 Says:

    thank yoou for this interesting tickket, if only people understand whhat you say 🙂 it s nice to viisit this nteresting blog 🙂

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