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7 January 2007


 in 1983,Arcade — bunnzy

Tapper Tapper Tapper

This is a very, very cool game! I remember playing this when I was young, and thinking it was cool that I was allowed to play a game that had alcohol in it 😉 This is a great example of a game where you play and play and play just to see who can get the highest score (like jezzball hehe).

It’s a very simple game really. You are a bartender, and your job is to fill up the beer glass, then chuck it down the bar to the guy, who throws it back and you fill it and then throw it back, I think you get the idea. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is not a challenge, the game gets very hard and fast and you have to work hard for your precious points!

Lovely CGA graphics in pink, white and cyan! The PC speaker will be pumping out the fine beepy tunes in time to this game, although I must admit, the sound in this game is not as annoying as some. 🙂

Overall it’s a fun little game, not very big, and well worth the download. Great classic gameplay indeed!

This download contains both versions 1 and 2 of Tapper. You will require a slowdown utility, which you can get from our utilities page.

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  • Designed by: Ken Jordan
  • Published by: Bally Midway

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Size: 86kb (1 mins on 56k dial-up)

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