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8 January 2007

International Karate

 in 1989,Arcade — Marrsy

International Karate International Karate

This makes me want to cry.

Archer MaClean’s Interntional Karate (and it’s update, IK+) was without out a doubt the best and most fun game available on 8-bit systems. Argue with me on this and I will set fire to your house!

But THIS, this is a travesty. The graphics have gone straight to CGA hell, replaced by awful blue and magenta tones, the sound is quite frankly awful – it does retain the same fluid control system as it has on other platforms.. but the presentation spoils the whole game.

I suggest that you download this game, play it for five minutes and then go get an Atari ST or Amiga emulator and a copy of IK+ (or even a C64 or speccy emulator).

The difference between the two is extreme.

Such a let down =(

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International Karate

  • Published by: System 3
  • Designed by: System 3

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Size: 180kb (1 mins on 56k dial-up)


3 Responses to “International Karate”

  1. a gravatar wolfenzero Says:

    this games goes to show the comparison of the commodore 64 vs IBM (pC) in who beats who in graphics and sound and quality back when this game was made this game is awssome in the c64/atari-st/amiga computers but ibm (pc) forget it CGA 4 colors vs 16+ colors more pixles and the sound ohh the sound the memorie of the commdore 64 sid chip of this game voice eeeeyaaaaahhh and the soundtrack vs bleeps on the IBM big disapointment in the ibm format it shows what better machine 64/atari-st/amiga was back in the 80s! sad to say if you want to play this game the way it was intended use the commodre 64 emulator (vice)~good one and get the ik+ in d64(format) trust me youll see the difference and why commodore was the best computer system in the 80s

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