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10 January 2007


 in 1988,Arcade — bunnzy

Gauntlet Gauntlet

The first game I ever played on C64, although this is for PC. It was cool, I even still have the cassette at home that still works in my old Amstrad. Hehe, you would think I was a fanatic. I get déj vu when I play catacomb because of this game! It was an excellent foundation layer for the dungeon crawler games though.

This game has multi and single player. You pick your own character, and the others pick theirs. When you start this game you chose from the following four characters:

Thor the Warrior:
He’s the big man. Takes a bit to knock him out, but he doesn’t have any special magic powers. He also moves a bit slow.

Merlin the Wizard:
Touché! Well, you couldn’t very well have a Wizard and not call him Merlin I guess! Merlin is a cool character, he has strong magic abilities, and can kick some arse. He cant really do much when he’s being hit on the head, as he’s a very fragile character and its better to kill everyone around you before they get too close and smack him.

Thyra the Valkyrie:
This was the character that I always used. I guess that’s because I am a girl =). She’s tough, she’s powerful, has magic. Plus she looks dang good in a skimpy costume! What more could you want? She moves relatively fast and has the best of all the characters rolled into one I think.

Questor the Elf:
He can use magic, and can hit people pretty hard. But he’s pretty fragile again, and his best characteristic is that he is the fastest. Which is good when you need to get away as he’s got stuff-all armor. But when surrounded with nowhere to go, who you gonna call? 😉
This game is great, you go through many levels, gathering treasure and potions and killing the dungeon monsters. It’s so much fun. There are many dungeons to go through, and if you’ve played Catacomb, then you’ll pick this game up really easy, as this game inspired all like games.

I guess the one bummer is when you are playing multi player and you get caught in different screens and get stuck, as the screen just isn’t wide enough for you both to go back and get together again! That used to cause a lot of resets when Sarah and I used to play it!

You MUST download this game and play it. It’s excellent and totally rocks hard! I love it!!!

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  • Designed by: Atari
  • Published by: Mindscape

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  1. a gravatar talon63 Says:

    I’ve had every version of Gauntlet from the C64 up through today’s console re-releases. Originally got hooked in the arcades when it first appeared like 20 years ago.

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